Ramp Project is Life Changing for this Family

If you completely relied on a wheelchair for mobility and your home was only accessible by stairs, how would you get around? You could be completely home bound. If you could not afford to buy or build a handicap ramp, what would you do? Then you learn about Faith Works Coalition, the group of volunteers that could come to your home and build a handicap ramp for you-free of charge. Suddenly, there is sunshine on your face, easier access to the outside world–a nearly normal way of life. That is exactly what happened for this Kempsville area family in Virginia Beach. Here is the life changing result. Materials alone cost around $1,200-all from generous donors. If you can help Faith Works improve the lives of others in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake, even in a small way, please make a donation through out Paypal link on this site or  send a check to 4876-118 Princess Anne Rd, Box 221, Virginia Beach, VA 23462.   You can make a difference.

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