Faith Works Coalition – 2009 Summary of Projects

Baja Court Ramp

17. Windom Place, February 13, 2009. Four Volunteers replaced deteriorated fascia boards, hung a new gutter and installed a new downspout in less than four hours.  Total cost of the project was less that $162.

18.  Morgan Mill Way, March 2-6, 2009. Exterior:  replaced 40 ft of rain gutter, hung a new storm door, leveled the deck and replaced the hasp on a gate.  Interior: repaired 4 door frames including new striker plates,  installed a new lockset on garage entry door, replaced commode flappers, installed new vinyl flooring in master bath (homeowner provided), replaced bathtub faucet, caulked master bath tub and commode, remounted “TP” holder in main bath, installed a transition in main bath.  We also repaired sagging garage ceiling. FWC costs were $300.


19.  Secretariat Run, March 2-6, 2009. Ripped out approximately 100 sq ft of damaged sub flooring and installed new sub flooring; installed carpet in 13 ½ x 14 living room; repaired broken toilet flange and reset toilet; repaired two lights and one receptacle; rebuilt flooring to kitchen cabinet; tiled under refrigerator and stove; hooked up icemaker water line; pressure washed shady side of trailer; cleaned up yard and disposed of yard debris, old carpet, scrap wood and general trash. Costs to FWC were $350.


20.  Middle Ground Run, March 2-7, 2009. Ripped out approx. 150sqft rotted flooring; installed new subflooring; installed laminate flooring in hall; installed vinyl flooring over luan underlayment in bathroom.  Installed new tub 3-way valve. Ripped off porch roof and rebuilt with OSB decking, felt, flashing, and rolled roofing. Replace three rafters. Rebuilt floor under refrigerator.  Rebuilt three door jambs.  Installed approx. 60 sq ft “Ice Dam” roof patch over bad spots in roof. Costs to FWC were approximately $1000.

21.  Baja Court, March 21, 2009. This is a continuation of a work in progress where a youth group from Bayside Presbyterian Church applied a coat of stain to a wheel chair ramp built by FWC in October 2008. Homeowner paid for the stain.

22. Gadwell Place, March 22-25, 2009. Two days were devoted to helping the homeowner remove clutter from a portion of the house so that repair work could begin.  Two commodes were restored to working order as well as a shower and sink.  The front door latch was repaired.  Materials cost was less $200.

23.  Clydesdale Ln, March 25-27, 31, 2009. The back yard was cleared of trash with the help of the homeowner to allow for repair of an attached porch.  The porch was refurbished and restored to habitable use.  The roof was repaired by a hired contractor with donated roofing materials.  Total cost of the project was $2,889.71, of which $1,145 was donated by Bradco Supply.  Total cost to FWC as $1,37.71

24.  Chandler Ln, March 28, 2009. We removed a donated wheel chair ramp from the front of the house with the help of a youth group from Oak Grove UMC and several FWC volunteers.  The ramp parts were delivered to a site in need of a wheel chair ramp.  Estimated value of the materials is $500+.

25.  Thether Keep, April 7, 2009. As a fund raiser project, Matthew and Giselle Weinstein power washed a deck, stairs and rails; and, mended lattice and deck planks.  The homeowner agreed to donate $311.06 to FWC.

26.  Tifton St., Norfolk, April 2 and 7, 2009. Working in collaboration with Catholic Heart Work Camp, Matthew and Giselle Weinstein fixed three doors and installed interior and exterior lock sets.  Cost to FWC was zero.

27.  Holland Dr., County View Mobile Home Park, April 1-6, 2009. This was a two part task.  The first part required removing the deteriorated mobile home front porch and replacing it with a new one.  The second part was construction of a wheelchair ramp which was connected to the front porch.  Total work was completed on Monday afternoon, April 6th.


28.  Lynnville Crescent, April 17-22, 2009. Five volunteers constructed a wheelchair ramp in two days.  The homeowner gave $900 to FWC for the cost of materials.

29.  Middle Ground Run, May 4-8, 2009. Volunteers accomplished a robust list of work items which included a rebuilding a shower wall and installing a new three-way valve; rebuilding two toilets; installing new subflooring and floor covering in bathroom; rebuilding the porch roof; and installing porch handrails. The project costs were approximately $450.00. The home owner paid for $200 worth of material costs.

30. Old Forge Ct., May 28, 2009. Volunteers installed 40 ft of guttering, repaired a section of rotted exterior siding, and replaced three rotted window sills.  Sections of the vinyl siding were power washed to remove mildew.  Cost of materials was $200; the homeowner donated $300 to FWC.

31.  Davis Way, May 30, 2009. The homeowner had purchase 4 replacement windows but needed help with installation.  Volunteers removed the old windows and installed the replacements.  The roof needs repair for which Don St. John has agreed to fix for $250.  Total cost of all the work was $383 of which $200 was donated by the homeowner.

32. Holland Dr., June 2-9, 2009. This work is Part 2 of a 2 Part project.  Tub and shower units in this mobile home needed replacement as well as portions of the shower floor.  Cost of the work was $850.

33. Horton Circle, Norfolk, June 15-18, 2009. The week of June 15th Faith Works volunteer Rick Galliford and Ed Johansen supervised volunteers from Catholic Charities in removing sheathing and shingles of a garage roof.  Then replaced rotten rafters and resheathed the roof for the next group of volunteers.  The rear deck was stripped of its decking and railings and then redecked and new railings installed.

34.  Goff Street, Norfolk, June 15-18, 2009. The week of June 15th Faith Works

volunteer Rick Galliford and Ed Johansen supervised volunteers from Catholic Charities in the removal of cedar shake shingles from a 2 story house.  They had to repair termite damage sheathing then installed foam insulation board to level the exterior of the house so the next group of volunteers could install new vinyl siding.

35.  Hanson Avenue, June 15-18, 2009. The week of June 15th Faith Works

volunteers Rick Galliford and Ed Johansen supervised volunteers from Catholic Charities in washing soot off all walls and ceiling in the kitchen and living room and then priming everything with Kilz.  Volunteers painted both rooms before installing luan and vinyl tiles in the living room.

36.  Galt Street, Norfolk, June 15-18, 2009. The week of June 15th Faith Works

volunteers Rick Galliford and Ed Johansen supervised volunteers from Catholic Charities in the demolition of lathe and plaster in three bedrooms and hallway.  Then insulation was added to all walls and finally hung drywall over all walls and ceilings

37. Peridot Road, June 22-25, 2009. Several volunteers, including Navy personnel, pressure washed the house, scraped loose paint on the facia boards, primed all surfaces requiring paint and repaired/replaced rotted wood.  Several shutters were replaced and all surfaces received two coats of paint.  The homeowner donated paint and related equipment.  Total cost was less than $300.


38. Spartin Drive, July 7, 2009. FWC responded to a request from People In Need (PIN) Ministry, who serve the homeless community in Virginia Beach. The trailer they rent as transitional housing had rotten flooring due to a water leak. FWC volunteers ripped out and replaced the flooring and repaired the water leak. PIN Ministry paid for all material costs and provided breakfast for the volunteers.

39. Haven Road, July 21-24, 2009. The week of July 20th Faith Works volunteers Rick Galliford, Ron Chinnock, and Jake Frolich assisted by the Youth Groups from St. Aiden’s Episcopal and Foundry United Methodist repaired several feet of rotten frieze and fascia board and completely repainted this home. The final day all volunteers enjoyed a cookout. This was the first FWC Summer Youth Project. The homeowner paid for the paint and materials and donated an additional $70.00 to FWC.

40. East Randall, Norfolk, July 25, 2009. A senior citizen’s home lost part of the vinyl siding as a result of a thunderstorm.  FWC volunteers made all required repairs on a Saturday morning.  Material costs were approximately $100.  A neighbor, who referred the work to FWC made a $200 contribution.

41. Rippling Rock Dr, Aug 19-21 and Sept 18, 2009. A family with four adults and eight children live in a home needing many repairs. FWC replaced the front door and rear storm door. We also made repairs to the two upstairs bathrooms and repaired and painted the dining room. We have purchased a new refrigerator and 10 interior doors.  Total cost to date for this project has been approximately $1300. This home has no heating system; we are working with other agencies to resolve this.

42. S. Military Hwy, Aug 26, 2009. A senior citizen needed an inoperative window air conditioner replaced with a working unit.  Two Construction Committee members extracted the old unit and installed the replacement in less than two hours at no cost.

43.  Iron Liege Run, Sept. 29, 2009. A senior citizen had a leaking roof over his porch.  Four volunteers were able to remove the leaky roof and replace it with a new roof slanted to promote drainage.  Total cost was $301.11, of which the homeowner contributed $250.

44. Head River Road, July-October, 2009. The home of a senior citizen of limited means suffered a fire that did considerable interior damage.  As a last resort FWC was asked if they could do anything to help this person regain her home.  The Board of Directors approved the project in June 2009, and work was begun the following month.  The project required that all home effects be removed, discarded or cleaned of smoke damage.  All interior walls and ceilings were repaired or replaced due to smoke, fire or water damage; and, all rugs were removed because of fire and water destruction.  Over 500 volunteer days were devoted to the massive effort to return the house to habitability.  Work was completed during the week of October 18, followed by a dedication ceremony hosted by New Oak Grove Baptist Church.  Total cost was $19,390, $10,700 of which was donated specifically for the project.

45. Benlea Circle, October 28, 2009. Several repairs were made to the home which included repair of a deteriorated storm door, repair and refurbishment of a second story bathroom floor and commode, and repair of a bedroom ceiling which included application of a fresh coat of paint.  We hired a plumber to install a replacement tub/shower valve. The project came in at less than $400.

46. Finch Ave., November 3 and 4, 2009. The roof is this double mobile home was leaking at the unit joint.  The FWC team scrubbed the valley of the roof, rinsed the cleaned area and applies 10 gallons of sealant after the roof dried.  The Ceiling in the utility room was repaired and painted, and crown molding was installed all around.  A contract plumber was hired to fix a drain leak under the kitchen sink.  The project cost less that $300.

47. Blackwater Loop, November 18-20, 2009.  FWC volunteers completely restored and improved the main bathroom.  Rotted flooring was replaced, as well as a faulty tub, two old sinks and commode.  After new sub-flooring and vinyl were installed, a new shower, handicapped toilet and vanity were set in place.  The extended family was active in helping with the work, and provided lunches each day.  The cost of the project was approximately $1,200.  The family reimbursed FWC for all costs.

48. Hope Avenue, November 15-21, 2009. The original plan was to repair rotted flooring for this wheelchair bound homeowner.  After work started, it was necessary to completely gut the bathroom as well as remove kitchen base cabinets.  The kitchen floor was repaired and retiled; and, the cabinets and sinks were modified to accommodate a wheelchair.  The bathroom was restored and a handicap accessible shower was installed.  Total cost of the project was $1,900.

49. Canadian Arch, December 11, 2009. Volunteers removed a leaking dishwasher and replaced it with a new one for an elderly lady who has difficulty standing.  She is delighted with her Christmas present.  Total cost was less than $200.

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