Faith Works Coalition – 2008 Summary of Projects

Rick-Galliford-Fred-Jones-Ed-Johansen1. Princess Anne Road, May 15 – 17, 2008. The homeowner had a damaged floor and rotting floor joists. A team of volunteers led by Bob Brenton and Rick Galliford repaired the floor joists, installed new sub flooring and laid insulating plastic to hold down moisture. Total cost was less than $350.

2. Indian River Road, June 15/16, 2008. The homeowner had a damaged air duct, defective insulation and no vapor barrier. A team of volunteers replaced insulation, repaired six flex duct air supply ducts, installed a vapor barrier, replaced a section of dryer vent piping and repaired two floor joists. Total cost was less that $650.

3. Longleaf Road, July 14-16, 2008. The homeowner’s privacy fence required repair. A team of volunteers led by Matthew Weinstein, George Chafee, Bruce Warren and Giselle Weinstein demolished and repaired four sections of fence, repaired the entry gate and reinstalled garden planters. The fence was also pressure washed. Total cost was less than $250.

4. Aubrey Drive, July 15-18, 2008. The homeowner’s ceiling was water damaged. The damaged area was repaired, plastered and painted. The total cost was less than $300.

5. Pinehurst Avenue, July 21-August 20, 2008. The homeowner needed a new privacy fence, an 8×16 ft. deck with 2 sets of steps, an entry door, two new garage doors, interior painting, bathroom tub reglazing, replacement of two window A/C units, installation of all new carpeting, stove repair and the addition of four new electrical circuits. Rick Galliford was the project manager, and with the help of several members of the Construction Committee was able to accomplish the work in a month’s time. Funding was provided by sources external to FWC, Inc.

6. Chaflin Avenue, July 21-August 20, 2008. The homeowner required extensive renovation work. The project included rebuilding and retiling the bathroom floor, installation of a toilet and pedestal sink, interior painting, repairing the dining room popcorn ceiling, replacing external kitchen and garage doors, refinishing all hardwood floors, installation of a gas pack AC unit and addition of a GFCI unit in the bathroom. Rick Galliford was the project manager, and with the help of several members of the Construction Committee was able to accomplish the work in a month’s time. Funding was provided by sources external to FWC, Inc.

7. Daisy Crescent, August 5/11 and September 26, 2008. The homeowner had several plumbing issues in addition to exterior patio door decay and master bath window damage. In early August a private donor hired a plumber to affect plumbing repairs. On September 27, the exterior door was replaced, as was the bathroom window. Total cost to date is less than $600 not including the plumbing bill.

8. Gunn Hall Road, September 13, 2008. The homeowner had a window that was vandalized. Ed Johansen and George Chafee completed the window replacement on Saturday, September 13.

9. Birdneck Road, September 29 and October 24, 2008. The homeowner had a leak in her roof over her bedroom and a damaged kitchen floor. A team of volunteers patched the roof and completed replacement of damaged floor joists and flooring.

10. Oakfield Avenue, October 2, 2008. The homeowner had kitchen and living room windows that were deteriorated to the point of needing replacement. Giselle and Matthew Weinstein, in collaboration with the Norfolk Home Rehabilitation and Resource Center (HRRC), replaced windows, and completed required insulation, caulking and painting. HRRC financed the materials for this project

11. Dunkirk Avenue, October 3-5, 2008. The homeowners required 2 bedroom windows and one dining room window to be replaced in addition to installment of three window unit air conditioners. Matthew and Giselle Weinstein, in collaboration with the Norfolk Home Rehabilitation and Resource Center (HRRC), completed installation and repairs over a two-day period. HRRC financed the materials for this project.

12. Lake James Drive, October 20-29, 2008. The homeowner needed repair work in the foyer and powder room. Damaged dry wall in the foyer was replaced and painted. The powder room was also painted. A new vanity was installed in the powder room along with new base boards and shoe molding. Crown molding was installed in the foyer, and broken tile was replaced in the floor. New casing was installed around the front door. The porch received a fresh coat of paint including the ceiling. The balcony was rebuilt, and an old awning was removed. Matt Schorr took the lead on the project assisted by Ed Johansen, Bob Brenton, Rick Galliford, Bruce Warren, Ron Chinnock, Mike Nichelsburg and Fred Jones. Approximate costs were $1300.

13. Hornell Lane, November 17, 2008. Two outdoor deck stair treads, one stringer and cleats were replaced. The handrail was reworked and one deck board was replaced. Richard Norman was the Project Manager, and was assisted by three members of the Construction Committee. The work was completed in less than a day.

14. Baja Court, October-March, 2008/9. In October, Lorie Stephan and several others spent many hours helping the homeowner clean and organize her home which was required before any repair work could be done. In November, Ed Johansen and George Chafee removed a badly deteriorated rug and installed a hardwood floor in one bedroom, so that an asthmatic granddaughter would have a dust-free room. In December, a wheel chair ramp was built to help the homeowner meet medical appointments. In March, the deck was stained and finished. Total cost to FWC was $1,034.96. The homeowner will fund the cost of the wheelchair ramp fixed at $530. Volunteers were Ed, George, Bob, Matt, Rick, Russ, and Fred, Mike, and Bill, plus helpers from Bayside Presbyterian Church.

15. Haven Road, December 5-12, 2008. Several FWC volunteers re-grouted a shower and repaired a stopped-up toilet in a small bathroom. A section of ceiling and wall had to be replaced and finished due to water damage. Volunteers removed and replaced a piece of frieze board on the east side of the house, and re-hung several loose gutter sections. The second phase of this project included repairs to a second bathroom, installation of base board and carpet in the den. Total cost to FWC $237, after homeowner paid most of the expenses. The home needs extensive exterior repair to fascia and frieze boards. The house also needs a new coat of paint. This work will be rescheduled as a summer youth project.

16. Dune Street, December 14-18, 2008. Six FWC volunteers achieved a remarkable amount of repair work in less than 4 days. A cement handicapped ramp was poured and fitted with handrails painted to match the house trim. The roof gutters were cleaned, and the yard was cleared of trash. Interior work included repairs to the front door latch and storm door. A faulty tub drain was cleared; a leaky faucet was fixed; and, the garbage disposal restored to good working condition. The total cost of the project was $610.93 which was offset by a $300 donation from Anchor Mobile Concrete.

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