Faith Works Coalition – 2011 Summary of Projects

1.  Sandoval Dr., Jan. 8, 2011.  Volunteers replaced a rear storm door; and replaced and exterior door on an attached storage shed.  Electrical problems were corrected with installation of several GFI circuits.  First Atlantic Restoration was contracted to complete dry wall repairs in one of the bathrooms.  Total cost was less than $500.00.

2.  Virginia Beach Blvd., Colony Motor Home Park, Jan. 17, 2011.   The roof on a mobile home leaked in several places.  The homeowner’s son agreed to apply roof sealant if FWC would provide.  Accordingly, two cans were purchased by FWC and delivered on Jan. 17 at a cost of less than $50.

3.  Shillelagh Rd., Chesapeake, Jan. 18, 2011.  The homeowner needed a handicap ramp.  The Ruritans, a local community organization, volunteered to move a ramp already constructed, but needed an assist with the cost of materials required to adapt the ramp to the house.  FWC Chesapeake Affiliate helped detach the ramp and move it to its new location.  FWC paid $64 for the required materials.

4. Polluck Dr, County View Mobile Home Park, Jan. 21, 2011.  A sizable portion of flooring needed to be repaired and new hallway carpet laid.  A section of wallboard was replaced along with pine paneling.  Two lavatory sinks were refurbished which allowed for installation of a donated washer and dryer.  Total cost was less than $500.

5.  N. Palmyra Dr., Jan. 29, 2011.  Rusted toilet tank bolts were replaced and a new flapper valve was installed.  The rollers on a sliding glass door were lubricated, and the roller track was cleaned of dirt and debris.  Total project cost was less than $10.00.

6. Virginia beach Blvd.., Colony Mobile Home Park., Jan. 31 to Feb. 4, 2011.  Volunteers rebuilt the floors in the kitchen, hall and bedroom, and installed new carpet and vinyl.  They also made numerous electrical repairs and installed a ceiling fan and light.  Total cost was less than $350.

7. Hamill Ct. February 26, 2011.  FWC volunteers, with the help of several area church youth groups and adult advisors, renovated a badly overgrown yard.  Work included removal of several medium dead trees, planting of four bushes and a major trim effort of all plants and shrubs throught the entire property.  Additionally, a small wheelchair ramp was installed.  A picnic lunch was provided courtesy of FWC.  Total cost of project was less that $215.


8. Dark Star Run, Derby Run Mobile Home Park, March 4,5,6, 2011.  FWC volunteers, with Navy off-duty help, rebuilt living room and kitchen floors in this mobile home to include installation of a new carpet and vinyl covering.  They installed a ceiling fan, a new tub wall surround and replacement tub faucet in the bathroom.  Several electrical outlet repairs were also made.  Total cost of the project was less than $850.


9. Gannet Ct., Chesapeake, February and March , 2011.    Last month FWC volunteers delivered a good used refrigerator and made some emergency roof  repairs. This month we rebuilt the front stoop and made extensive repairs to the large back deck. Our roofer also finished the roof repair. This project is now completed at a cost to FWC Chesapeake of approximately $1300.0


10. Tuition Drive, March  10 and 17, 2011. From a long “wish list” of minor items requested by the homeowner, FWC chose to complete only those items considered necessary for health, safety, and comfort. Lowes was contracted to install a carpet in one room, while FWC volunteers installed a new sink faucet, baseboard in the powder room and  front door weather stripping.  A wobbly front entrance railing was also repaired.   Total cost for this project was approximately $412.00.


11.  Honeygrove Rd. April 1/2, 2011.  FWC volunteers made repairs to some missing soffit and gutters, built a back porch railing and installed two interior hand rails. They also cleaned up a very cluttered, overgrown back yard including removal of a deteriorated above ground pool.  The garage door was scrapped, primed and painted as was the back door.  Total cost of this project was approximately $425.00.


12. Colonial Run Mobile Home Park, April 26-29, 2011.  FWC Construction Committee members and Navy personnel from the USS Truman rebuilt and vinyled three floors in a seriously deteriorated mobile home.  A support structure under the bath tub as also erected, and a new bathroom sink was installed.  The total cost of the project was less than $500, of which $200 was contributed by the homeowner.


13.   Beautiful Street, June 3, 2011.    Faith Works volunteers, mostly Navy men from Assault Craft Unit 4 stationed at Little Creek, rebuilt a handicapped ramp for a disabled single lady. The ramp structure was in good condition, but the decking was dangerous. We removed the old decking and installed new sturdy decking on this 50 foot ramp. The home owner now has a safe ramp that will last for many years. FWC expended less than $ 400.00 for materials.


14.  Scarborough Way, June 9, 2011.  The services of an electrical contractor were engaged to replace a main breaker box in this home that here to fore was without electrical power since the beginning of the year.  All electrical circuits are working.  FWC volunteers framed and installed a new meter base.  Cost of the project was $1200.


15. Pastern Brief, June 10, 2011.  The Family had been cited by the city to make fascia and yard cleaning repairs and do some exterior painting or face fines and possible court action.  FWC volunteers replaced and painted the front fascia, repaired the soffit, and removed some heavy tree and shrub growth next to the home. Total FWC funds expended were approximately $120.00. The family provided the paint and was very thankful for the help.


16. Rose Marie Avenue, June 10, 2011.   This 82 year old widow has a lovely yard and works hard to keep it nice. In a recent wind storm the neighbor’s tree limb fell and ripped her fascia on the corner of the house, also bringing down her power and TV cables. The utility companies made temporary repairs.  FWC volunteers replaced a small section of fascia and swept the debris from her roof. There was no cost to FWC.

17. Loving and Caring Ministries, July 17-19, 2011.  This charitable organization is located in a time weathered home in a rural section of Virginia Beach, and is in need of several quality of life repairs .  FWC engaged the services of an HVAC contractor who repaired the air conditioner condensate line.  The old 40 gallon water heater was replaced with an 80 gallon unit to better serve the 15 plus residents; and, the old ductless kitchen range hood was replaced with a new duct configured hood.  Total cost to FWC was $1,561.


18.  Transition House, January 25-July 31, 2011.  Over a period of six months, volunteers from far and wide transformed a derelict house into a beautiful home for women transitioning from prison to civilian life.  While this was not an FWC designated project, the organization provided project leadership, repair and restoration services, volunteer management and building materials logistics.  The egregious material condition of the house required restoration from the bottom up.  This included replacement and/or repair of structural members; installation of new plumbing, electrical, HVAC and utility systems; and, replacement of exterior siding, eaves and roof.  All appliances, furniture and floor coverings are new as are all doors, windows, and window dressings.  The home is situated on a lot that has been landscaped and groomed to perfection.  All labor and most materials were donated.  Appliances, furniture and fixtures were donated, as was the cost of contractors employed from time to time during restoration.  Total cost of the project was $85,000.


19. Youth Projects Week of August 1st through August 4th 2011.  The Johnston Presbyterian Church Youth Group, from Gaithersburg, Maryland, was hosted by First Presbyterian Church of VB.  FWC was asked to schedule work projects for the Youth Group. On Monday and Tuesday they painted a two story townhouse.  On Wednesday, they accomplished extensive yard cleanup by clearing over grown brush and trees for an elderly client; and, on Thursday they did the same for another elderly and disabled client. The young folks worked hard with great enthusiasm making it a very successful week. FWC expended $700.00 for paint, supplies, and debris hauling.


20. Spartin St., County View Trailer Park, August 8th, 2011.   An electrical contractor was hired to install an AC line and breaker panel.  He replaced numerous switch plate covers and removed unused extension cords.  He replaced several smoke detectors and provided instruction to the homeowner regarding safe use of electrical outlets.  Volunteers replaced a ceiling fan, repaired a deteriorated floor, installed a new carpet and reworked two window AC units replacing rotted wood and weather stripping.  Total cost to FWC was $325.


21.  Marshall Ave., Portsmouth, August 15-18, 2011.  Volunteers rebuilt the kitchen floor, layed new vinyl and installed new cabinets.   Volunteer Navy Chief selectees provided the bulk of the labor,  FWC members provided project guidance and direction.  Total cost to FWC was approximately $1,215.00.


22. Sea St., Sea Tack, August 5, 2011.  Volunteers completed extensive ceiling repairs caused by a leaky roof.  A local roofing contractor was engaged to fix the roof leaks.  Total cost to FWC was $70.


23.  September 12, 2011, National Cay of Caring.  As part of this annual event,  FWC volunteers joined forces with ciy employees and completed three critical home repair projects.

a. Doyle Way.  Volunteers replaced the kitchen faucet and cleared the drain line.  They replaced a hall light fixture, and repaired a hall bathroom commode.  Outside, they reset soffit panels, reattached gutters and repaired a screen door.  Finally, they weeded and mulched front olanter beds.  Total cost tov FWC was <$1,350.

b. Britt Terrace.  Volunteers replaced a kitchen sink faucet, cleaned a drain trap, replaced a hall light and fixed a toilet.  On the outside, they repaired a screen, reattached gutters and downspouts, and repaired a damaged soffit.  Volunteers cleaned, a badly overgrown yard.  Total cost to FWC was <$430.

c. Middle Ground Run.  Volunteers scrubbed, primed, and  painted a soot damaged bedroom caused by a house fire.  The sub floor was replaced and covered by a new rug.  Two additional rooms received new rugs and new ceiling light fixtures.    Cost to FWC was $335.


24.  September 11, 2011, Seaboard Ave.  Volunteers assisted Oak grove UMC in removing all carpeting and existing vinyl throughout the house.  Two areas of badly deteriorated subfloor were repaired.  Cost to FWC was zero.


25.  September 15, 2011, Rica Dr.  A roofing contractor was engaged to replace three vent pipe collars, replace several damaged shingles and reseat popped roofing nails.  Total cost to FWC was $145.


26.  September 16, 2011, Aspen Dr.  Volunteers fixed a leaky kitchen sink drain and replaced a badly damaged cabinet floor beneath the sink.  Total cost was <$10


27.  September 9, 2011, Rica Dr.  A roofing contractor was engaged to make several roof repairs which included replacing shingle tabs, installing vent collars and reseating popped roof nails.  Cost to FWC was < $150.


28.  September 22-30, 2011, Holland Dr.  In a large two-phase project, volunteers made multiple floor repairs, restored two bathrooms to good operating condition, made repairs to the roof, and constructed a wheelchair ramp.  Cost to FWC was >$1,500.


29. September 20, 2011, Speedy Ave.  Our roofing contractor engaged Don St.Jon to replace several missing roof Shingles.   Cost to FWC was $30.


30.  September 23, 2011, 1600 Seaboard Ave.  Volunteers replaced rotted carpeting with vinyl.  Several rotted Floor areas were replaced.  Oak Grove UMC donated all materials.


31. September 26, 2011, Rellen Ct.  The FWC HVAC contractor corrected leaking condensate from the pump.  FWC volunteers installed access panels to facilitate future repairs.  Total cost to FWC was <$10.


32. September 27, 2011, Landola Ave.  The roof on this mobile home was inverted such that it sagged, allowing standing water to make its way into the masterberdroom.  A local contractor was engaged to rebuild the roof at a cost of $2,600.  Additional interior (ceiling) work is required.


33. September 27, 2011, Speedy Ave.  A roofing contractor was engaged to repair a leaky roof.  A plumber was engaged to check all plumbing lines and fixtures.  Total cost to FWC was <$35.


34. September 28, 2011, Guinevere Dr.  FWC engaged the services of a plumbing contractor who repaired one shower, and rebuilt another.  He also checked all drains and made repairs where necessary.  Cost to FWC was <$685.


35. September 29, 2011, Bainbridege Ave.  A local plumbing company was engaged to convert a gas stove to propane.  Cost to FWC was <$390.


36. September 28, 2011, Britt Terrace.     FWC and City volunteers worked to clear a badly neglected yard.  Gutters, were cleaned, bushes trimmed, bad light bulbs were replaced.  Cost to FWC was $50.


37.  September 29, 2011, Doyle Way.  FWC and City volunteers replaced rotted rugs and flooring throughout the home, and installed vinyl flooring.  Cost to FWC was $1,000.


38. September 30, 2011, Middleground Run.   A fire occurred in this mobile home requiring extensive repaird.  Volunteers from the city and FWC cleaned and painted the master bedroom, and replaced the range hood.  Our roofing contractor repaired several roof leaks.,  Cost to FWC was <$70.


39.  October 1, 2011, Sea St.   A roofing contractor repaired he roof while FWC volunteers repaired a damaged ceiling.  Cost to FWC was <$150


40.  October 3, 2011, Woodhue Ct.  Volunteers made repairs to water pipes, room doors and exterior han rails.  Total cost to FWC was <$50.


41  October 4, 2011, Southgate Dr.  Water damaged wall and baseboards were replaced by several volunteers.  No funds were expended.


42. October 5, 2011, Guinevere Rd., Chesapeake.  A contracted plumber repaired multiple leaks throughout the home at a cost to FWC at <$400.


43.  October 13/14, 2011,  Lakecrest Rd.   FWC volunteers made multiple repairs for a single Mom and 10 year old daughter. They rebuilt the back wall of a water damaged utility room, made several plumbing repairs, replaced a deteriorated gutter, and repaired two broken door locks. They also replaced two storm windows that were beyond repair. The homeowner assisted by providing lunches for the volunteers. The total cost of materials provided by FWC was $435.00.


44.  October 15, 2011, Meadowbrook Court.  FWC volunteers coached the homeowner on several in-house repairs, which he was able to accomplish.  He was pleased s thankful and can do this on his own. We had our roofer replace the vent collars and make other shingle repairs. The cost to FWC was $70.00.


45. October 15, 2011, Lambert trail.  FWC volunteers trimmed the property so as to remove tree limbs and bushes were not interfering with the house.  Rotted Brick molding was replaces where necessary, and a small exterior deck was repaired and expanded.  Total cost to FWC was<4188.


46. October 20, 2011, Martin Ave.   This homeowner was quite capable of performing repair work but could not afford repair materials.  FWC purchased several interior doors, door hardware, hot water heater, stove and subflooring.  FWC volunteers coached the homeowner who was able to make all repairs and installations himself.  Total cost to FWC was <$2,000.


47. October 25, 2011, Bunker Ridge Arch.  FWC volunteers installed a front porch safety hand rail, connecting the porch floor with the sidewalkTotal cost to FWC was <$110.


48. October 26, 2011, Northern Dancer Run.  FWC volunteers removed rotted flooring in the utility room of this mobile home, and replaced the rotted section with OSB and a new vinyl covering.  Total cost was <$100.


49. October 31, 2011, Rellen Ct.  FWC hired an electrician to install a circuit breaker for installation of a new hot water heater.  He also repaired numerous worn and burned wires.  Cost to FWC was <$250.


50. November 1, 2011, River Forest Rd.  FWC hired an electrician to replace several faulty wall sockets, switches and GFI’s.  Cost to FWC was <$100.


51. November 3, 2011, Play St.  FWC volunteers installed hand rails on a back stairs landing and steps which were rebuilt.  Lattice work was installed around the landing and steps.  Total cost to FWC was <$155.


52. November 4, 2011, Smoke Tree Ln.  FWC engaged the services of an electrician to correct several electrical problemsfor an elderly lady.  Cost to FWC was <$200.


53. November 4, 2011, Kirkwood Ave.  FWC volunteers rebuilt the thresholds on two exterior doors, replaced a kitchen sink faucet and installed a storm door.  The services of a professional roofer were engaged to install a vent collar.  Total cost of the entire project was <$400.


54. November 8, 2011, Rica Dr.  FWC  volunteers fixed or repaired 15 different home items ranging fromfixing a closet door lock to installing a pre-hung exterior door.  Total cost to FWC was <$470.












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