Labor of Love on Valentine’s Day

Faith Works Coalition went into action for a woman suffering from stage IV cancer. Virginia had been completely  housebound when FWC received her request to build a wheelchair ramp so that she could gain access to the outdoors in her motorized wheelchair. Materials were financed from varying sources sympathetic to her heart wrenching plight, including one anonymous donor who gave the lion’s share, St. Gregory’s Catholic Church, and a friend who contributed the balance. The Faith Works crew consisted of 10 volunteers who showed up February 13th  and 14th in bitterly cold weather to erect the handicap ramp.
When the ramp was finished, the crew invited Virginia outside to try it out.  She was ecstatic as she rode down her new ramp repeating several times “I’m outside! I’m outside!”  The guys were cold and tired but felt good at the end of the day having made a huge positive change in this woman’s life.

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