Holland Dr. Large Wheelchair Ramp

Hello Volunteers,

The FWC once again stepped up and accomplished our largest ramp project ever.

We started on a very rainy Monday and finished at noon on Friday. The results as you can see were wonderful.

Thanks to the following folks: George Chafee, Jake Froelich, Dan Plebani, Gerry Phelps, Randy Duvall, Matt Schorr, Kevin Bates, Debbie Cilly, Noret Dovel, and our great lunch providers Lorie and Ginger. This was a very dedicated crew and a hard job.

In addition to the ramp Bob Alexander, Bill Penn, and Jake built a set of back steps to the trailer last week; the Rooney’s now have a safe back door. Paula goes for dialysis three times a week and has great difficulty walking; she has a small electric wheel chair, but has never been able to use it outside her home. Now she can thanks to all of you!!

From the Bobs, joint Project Managers


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