Handicap Ramp On Beautiful Street

A few pictures of June 3rd’s very successful project to rebuild the handicap ramp on Beautiful Street in Virginia Beach, along with a very big THANK YOU to the volunteers.

FWC Old Timers:

Bob Alexander, lead carpenter

Richard Norman, who always gets the trailer there, issues tools, and takes the trailer to the barn

Lorie Stephan, who delivered a great lunch from the folks at St. Marks

Matt Schorr, Bill Penn, Jake Frolich

Assault Craft Unit 4:

Chris Viano “The Senior”

Dan Lloyd

Ken Parkins

David Krol, representing the US Army and taking our lame jokes with good nature

Steve Crook

Tim Frank

Bill Franciosa “Frankie”


Thanks again to all of you. The resident was delighted and will now have a safe ramp for many years. Please know that your volunteer time makes a better community for all of us.


God Bless. Bob Brenton, Project Manager


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