Faith Works Coalition – 2013 Summary of Projects

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1.  Dark Star Run, Derby Run MHP – January 25, 2013.  FWC’s HVAC contractor donated his time to make repairs for two disabled ladies.  The broken heat pump was fixed.  Volunteers repaired several roof leaks. FWC contacted the Virginia STOP organization to replace deteriorated heat ducts.   Total cost to FWC was $250.

2.  Dark Star Run, Derby Run MHP – February 15, 2013. An inoperative stove was restored to service, and a leaky roof was repaired.  Total cost to FWC was $114.

3.  Sierra Drive – February 20, 2013.  A single mother with an autistic son asked for assistance to repair her refrigerator. The unit had failed; in the process, she lost a lot of food.  FWC procured a new refrigerator and referred her to Emmanuel Episcopal Food Pantry for assistance. Total FWC cost -$404.

4.  Jonas Street – February 22, 2013.  FWC volunteers determined that a new roof was required.  Using corrugated panels, volunteers completed the project in one day. Cost to FWC was $770.

5.  Seaboard Avenue – February 23, 2013.  FWC volunteers working on several weekends from November ‘12 to mid February ’13 installed a metal roof on an addition to the home.  They completed sheathing and Tyvek installation, set three new windows and finished the vinyl siding. Cost was $3,076.

6.  Lilac Avenue – March 21, 2013.  FWC volunteers, with the assistance of contractors, accomplished a multitude of repairs.  A leaky roof was repaired (which required replacement of some rafters); a kitchen faucet was replaced, and drains were unplugged.  Bathroom light fixtures were repaired; a hot water tank was replaced and the ceiling on the back porch was repaired. Total cost to FWC was $1,389.

7.  North Landing Road –March 23, 2013.  FWC volunteers, assisted by eight members of Charity United Methodist Church, repaired the bathroom floor, installed a new kitchen faucet and built a 31foot long wheelchair ramp for the disabled homeowner.  Total FWC was $1,100.

8.  1100 S. Military Highway MHP – -March 25, 2013.  (Third project for this family) The  HVAC system was inoperative.  An contractor determined that the control panel needed replacing and filters needed changing.   Repair work was performed on the air ducts. Cost to FWC was $300.

9.   1100 S. Military Highway MHP – May 25, 2013.  This Family of five reported several leaks in the roof  which were repaired, and the water damaged ceiling was replaced.  New floors and new carpet were installed in the living room and kitchen, and a broken window was replaced.  Total FWC cost was $988.           

10.  Bannock Drive – June 14, 2013.  FWC volunteers replaced a deteriorated door frame and brick molding, and re-caulked  the exterior door.  Cost to FWC was $35.

11.  Occonee Drive – June 16, 2013.  Several repairs were performed by FWC on this mobile home. Tasks included repairing and reseating a leaky commode, replacing a deteriorated interior wall, installing a storm door, repairing a portion of the outdoor deck, and placing water deflectors over all windows.  Cost was $400.

12.  1100 S. Military Highway MHP – June 22, 2013.   A wheelchair bound mother and daughter living in an old mobile home were in need of many repairs.  FWC built a 32 foot ramp, rebuilt the bathroom floor, and replaced two windows.  They repaired part of a water-damaged ceiling and the bathroom floor. Total -1,491.

13.  Ripplemead Drive – June 25, 2013.  FWC volunteers assisted this military veteran by removing broken trim around windows, entry and sliding glass doors.  They replaced the garbage disposal, replaced the trim and door on an adjacent storage shed. Total cost to FWC was $175.

14.  Hancock Drive-June 17, 2013.  FWC installed a new toilet and  back storm door for a total of  $239.

15.  Dark Star Run, Derby Run MHP – June 30, 2013.  FWC volunteers returned to complete Phase Two for this single mother. They patched several roof leaks; built and installed a new kitchen cabinet; rebuilt the bathroom floor; installed new vinyl flooring, and replaced a faulty bathtub valve. Total -$340.

16.  Maryland Avenue – July 11, 2013. FWC volunteers rebuilt the kitchen floor and installed new vinyl, and repaired rear porch railings.  The bathroom floor and shower walls were rebuilt, and a new vanity, faucet and shower head were installed. Total cost to FWC – $410.        

17.  1100 S. Military Highway – July 20, 2013.  A window air conditioner was replaced costing  $119.

18.  Riverside Court – July 31, 2013.  A bathtub leak ruined the carpet in an adjoining bedroom caused by a crack in the fiberglass tub.  FWC instructed the  homeowner on how to repair the crack.  No cost to FWC.

19.  Braddock Road – July 31, 2013.  FWC volunteers replaced a rotted door jamb and brick molding, then re-hung a rear door. The homeowner’s church paid for the materials.  FWC cost  $0.

20.  Patrick Street – July 25, 2013.  FWC volunteers sealed the roof and installed a chimney cap.  They also installed a shower head in the tub.  Cost to FWC was $722.

21.  Holland Drive, County View MHP – July 26, 2013. This elderly lady had been living in her mobile home with no heat and no kitchen stove for the past three years.  An HVAC contractor repaired the oil furnace and installed a new thermostat.   Total FWC cost was $183.

22.  Scenic Boulevard – July 27, 2013.   FWC provided a refurbished refrigerator  for $170.       

23.  Richard Road – July 28, 2013.  Several small roof leaks that were repaired with no cost to FWC.

24.  1100 S. Military Highway MHP – August 8-12, 2013.  Volunteers replaced the heating element in the hot water heater, unplugged the bathroom sink drain,  repaired a damaged ceiling section, rebuilt the kitchen floor and replaced a kitchen faucet.  Three windows were also replaced.  Total FWC cost – $639.

25.  Ackiss Avenue – August 9-12, 2013.  A wheelchair ramp was built for a disabled lady.  Cost $700.

26.  1561 Campostella Road MHP – August 15, 2013.  FWC volunteers replaced the front door and  rebuilt the front porch, including the roof for this elderly disabled couple.  In the interior of the home a kitchen sink faucet was replaced and rebuilt the bathroom and wash room floors. FWC cost- $1,263. 

27.  1561 Campostella Road MHP – August, 2013.  The deteriorated front porch was replaced, and a wheelchair ramp was built.  Total cost to FWC was $888.

28.  Lincoln Road – September, 2013.  FWC engaged the services of a roofing contractor to repair several leaks, install missing shingles and  replace deteriorated plumbing vent collars.  Total cost- $275.


 29.  1100 S. Military Highway MHP – September, 2013.    FWC volunteers repaired several roof leaks and a water damaged ceiling. The living floor was decayed and unsafe.  Volunteers installed a new subfloor and covered it with vinyl.  A new commode was replaced the deteriorated one .  Total FWC cost – $674.


30. Hornsea Road – October, 2013.  A deteriorated roof was replaced, and a water damaged ceiling was repaired.  Total cost was $5,446.  $3,526 was donated by outside sources.  Total FWC cost – $1,920. 

31.  Clydesdale Lane – October 18, 2013.  400 sq. ft. of improperly installed shingles were removed and replaced with new shingles, paper and water shields.  Improperly installed plumbing vents were replaced with new vent collars.  The water damaged bedroom ceiling was repaired.  FWC costs totaled- $900


32.  April Avenue (Phase 1) – October, 2013.  The front door was repaired and handrails were installed.  The front door and garage door were both painted along with railings and trim.  Laundry space bi-fold doors were repaired, covers for electrical outlets were set and three damaged ceiling lights were replaced with new fixtures.  A clogged toilet was repaired and a storm door was re-hung.  Total cost -$286.


33.  Birchridge Court – October 2013.  A badly deteriorated window, the sill and trim , plus the porch fascia and post were replaced/repaired.  A gate to the backyard was repaired.  Total cost – $203


34.  Secretariat Run, Derby Run MHP – October, 2013.  A damaged toilet, the homeowner’s bed and the laundry room floor were repaired. Vinyl flooring installed.  Exterior siding re-attached.  Cost- $230.


35.  April Ave (Phase 2) – October, 2013.  A shower diverter valve and storm door were repaired for $ 53.


36.  Northwind Avenue – October, 2013.  There was no heat or air conditioning in this home.  A contractor removed an inoperative HVAC unit and replaced it with a new 3 ½ ton heat pump system.  Cost- $1,926.


37.  Head River Road – October 22-26, 2013. Two elderly ladies had serious termite damage. FWC volunteers removed the flooring and substructure and installed new girders, floor joists, insulation and subflooring.  They also reinforced adjoining walls. New carpet was laid to complete the bedroom restoration.  A pest control contractor treated the crawl space.  $1,500 was donated by the homeowner. Total cost -$1,600


38.  Pollock Drive, County View MHP – October 25, 2013.  FWC volunteers repaired damaged floors in the living room and hallway.  A new refrigerator was installed.  Total cost was $497.


39. Chatham Hall Drive – November 9, 2013.  The HVAC system in this home was inoperative.  A contractor was engaged to trouble-shoot the system.  He discovered a faulty capacitor which he replaced.  The system is operating well.  Total cost to FWC was $258.


40. 1100 S. Military Hwy MHP – November 21, 2013.  FWC volunteers repaired a hole in the floor near the front door.  FWC warehouse materials were used so there was no project cost.


41.  Polluck Drive County View MHP – November 16, 2013.  This elderly lady had only one operational receptacle in her trailer.  An electrical contractor was engaged to repair two circuits, repair the kitchen sink light, and install a new junction box for the exterior receptacle. Total FWC cost- $225.

42.  Kilt Street – November 14, 2013; Phase 1.  A couple with three children live in a house with mold problems caused by a leaking water pipe.  There also were electrical and other plumbing problems as well as an inoperative heating system.  FWC hired an Electrician to correct the faulty breaker panel; a Plumber to snake out the drain lines  and an HVAC Company to replace the attic air handler.  The family is removing the damaged drywall .FWC will return to install new drywall.  Phase 1 cost – $3,178.

43.  Burnadette Street – November 28, 2013.   A FWC volunteer removed the old caulking and applied a fresh caulk seal to the shower base to repair a leaky shower.  Cost to FWC was less the $5.00.


44.  Fitchett Street – November 28, 2013.  An elderly lady could not open or close her windows.  FWC volunteers installed 4 new windows and replaced the lock on a storm door.  Total cost was $888.


45.  Princess Ann Road – December 7, 2013.  An elderly lady had no heat in her home.  FWC engaged the services of an HVAC contractor who repaired her heating unit.  Cost was $248.


46.  Arctic Avenue – December 3-7, 2013.  In four days FWC volunteers transformed a  heavily damaged home to one that is warm, safe and dry.  They gutted the kitchen, removing a deteriorated floor.  They repaired damaged joists, installed a new subfloor and covered it with vinyl.  They installed a new gas range, sink and cabinets.  They repaired damaged drywall throughout the house;  scraped and painted a bedroom ceiling. Finally, they rebuilt back door steps, and repaired both storm doors.  Cost -$3,257 


47.  Crescent Place – December 10, 2013.  The roof on this home needed replacement.  FWC engaged a contractor who removed the old roof, replaced damaged panels, and installed a new roof.  Total – $2,000.


48.  1100 S. Military Highway – December 11, 2013.  A family of two in this mobile home park had no heat.  A technician was hired to repair the heating unit which he did.  Cost to FWC was $50


49. Declaration Road – December 11 -12, 2013.  Phase 1 problems :  Exhaust gases were venting  inside the house;  electrical outlets  were inoperative; roof was leaking causing parts of the ceiling to collapse.  FWC hired an Electrician and an HVAC Technician to correct the technical problems.  Volunteers removed all the roof shingles and several sheets of plywood sheathing and installed the roof.  FWC will return in 2014 to repair the damaged ceilings.  Cost for this phase was $3,660.

50.  Coast Away Drive – December 14, 2013.  A contractor was hired to remove a broken water heater and replace it with a new one.  FWC cost $689.


51.  Outer Drive, County View MHP – December 19-21, 2013.    The homeowner she has trouble walking. Her deck and steps were unsafe. FWC volunteers removed the deteriorated deck, replacing it with a shorter one that would accommodate a handicapped ramp which was installed.  Total cost to FWC was $1,050.


 52.  Radford Circle – December 21, 2013   This family had a broken water line under the house slab.  FWC engaged the services of a leak detection contractor who determine that the leak was under the front sidewalk.  It was repaired by a plumbing contractor.  Total cost was $850.

53.  1100 S. Military Hwy – December 21, 2013.  FWC volunteers replaced a shower door, repaired damaged sheet rock, replaced a light switch and installed carpeting in two rooms.  Total cost -$656.square logo

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