Faith Works Coalition – 2015 Summary of Projects

  1. IMG_0463January 1, Shell Rd., VB. A former client had a failed water heater FWC purchased and installed a new water heater.  Cost was $294 and 7 volunteer hours.
  2. January 6, Spartin St., VB. Former client reported electrical problems.  FWC Project Managers investigated and found that one of the problems was previously addressed by an electrical contractor.  Other problems were the result of circuit overload by the client, who was advised how to eliminate breakers tripping.    2 volunteer hours.
  3. January 6, Sunrise Ave., Ches. FWC volunteers replaced the kitchen counter, sink and faucet.  They installed a new stove, reset the bathroom toilet and re-caulked the bathtub.  A contractor installed new shingles on the roof and another contractor repaired the HVAC system.  Cost to FWC was $1713 and 37 volunteer hrs.
  4. January 10, Drawbridge Dr., Ches. FWC volunteers replaced the kitchen faucet; rebuilt the insides of a toilet; installed a stair railing; replaced a bathroom light and medicine cabinet ; adjusted the shower doors; installed a shower grab rail; and, found the cause of several electrical outlets not working.  The total cost to FWC was $260 and 25 volunteer hours.
  5. January 12 , Jousting Arch, VB. The homeowner reported that her roof leaked into a downstairs bathroom. FWC roofing contractor replaced a missing shingles and a defective vent collar which was causing the leak. Costs to FWC were $185.
  6. January 17, Tapscott St., Ches. FWC volunteers repaired cracks in several ceilings; repaired the wall around two windows that had leaked; and recaulked the windows on the outside.  The total cost to FWC was $28, and 21 volunteer hours.
  7. January 17, Mulligan Dr., VB. The homeowner’s roof was leaking and requested that it be fixed or replaced.  The leak was repaired by a contractor. Cost was $285 and 2 volunteer hours.
  8. January 19, Ruddy Oak Ct., VB. The homeowner, a single mother on limited income, had a roof leak where the back den joined the main house. An FWC roofing contractor replaced the flashing, which had never been installed properly. He donated his time and materials.
  9. January 21-22, Magnolia St., VB (MHP). The homeowner is a single mother on minimal income, living in a maintenance neglected trailer. FWC previously repaired bad flooring and installed a new roof. On this project FWC volunteers replaced the ceilings in two main rooms. They added ceiling joists to strengthen the broken existing ceiling structure and installed insulated ceiling tiles throughout, resulting in a strong and attractive ceiling. The costs to FWC were approximately $700 and 86 volunteer hours.
  10. January 22, Brian Ave., VB.  The homeowner is a widow living in single story home with her adult son.  FWC volunteers repaired a large hole in a shower faucet wall and installed 2 gutter hangers. The volunteers showed the homeowner how to repair several small items   FWC used materials from warehouse stocks. No costs ; 6 volunteer hours were expended.
  11. January 23, Old Providence Rd., VB.  A 68 year old widow had a list of issues.  FWC volunteers replaced a rotted deck board, reinforced handrails on the deck steps, tightened several window locks, replaced two broken receptacles and missing outlet covers.  A number of non-WSD items were submitted to TeamEffort for consideration.   FWC incurred no cost as all materials were available from the warehouse stocks. 6 man hrs
  12. January 25, Windmill Dr, VB.  Phase II for a 54 year old single cancer patient.  FWC replaced a broken bathroom door and knob, the rotted floor of a kitchen cabinet, a burned out receptacle, repaired the leaking kitchen faucet and installed a new garbage disposal that was donated by a local church group. A Roofing contractor repaired a leaking skylight. FWC received $100 in-kind donation  Total cost to FWC was $128 and required 12 volunteer hours.
  13. January 31, Rowlock Rd., Ches. FWC repaired cracked sheet rock, installed a new kitchen sink, built new cabinet doors under the sink, repaired a cabinet drawer, installed a new stove hood, a new interior door and replaced several bad wall sockets.  Cost was $218 and 35 hours.
  14. January 31, River Creek Rd., Ches. FWC hired a roofing contractor to replace old, worn shingles on this home.  The homeowner contributed $200 for a final cost of $1700 and 1 hr time
  15. January 29-31, Campus Dr., VB. An elderly lady and disabled son are living in a townhome with the original 30 year-old roof.  Her insurance policy would be terminated due to the condition of the roof.  FWC used a contractor to replace the roof.  An in-kind donation of roofing materials valued at $900 drove the cost to FWC down to $639.and 10 volunteer hours.
  16. February 13, Burford Ave., VB. The homeowner complained of inoperative ceiling lights in three rooms.  A licensed Electrician was hired to correct the problem,  Cost was $250.
  17. February 14, Old Guard Crescent, VB. The homeowner was referred to FWC by VB DH & NP.  She had a broken water line in her front yard.  A licensed plumber was hired to repair.  Cost was $688.  3 contractor labor hours were expended.
  18. February 14 Play Dr., VB (MHP).  The resident has cancer and is confined to a wheelchair. She could not leave home without medical transport.  FWC volunteers constructed a 30 foot long wheelchair ramp with two platforms.  Using her powered wheelchair, she is now able to come and go as she pleases.  She is enormously grateful for this new found freedom.  The project was privately funded, so cost to FWC was zero.  139 volunteer hours were utilized.
  19. February 16, Elbyrne Dr., Ches. The Furnace was not running.  An FWC approved technician fixed and cleaned the furnace, and changed filters. Total cost to FWC was $80.
  20. February 16, Hambledon Loop, Ches. Non- functioning furnace .  FWC found the thermostat was set too low for the furnace to come one and reset it in.1 volunteer hour
  21. March 3, Hill St. Ches. Single, disabled lady living in an older home.  Volunteers converted the bathtub to a walk-in shower and sheet rocked one ceiling in the home.  Total cost to FWC was $253 and 35 volunteer hours.
  22. March 5 & 6, Placid Place, VB: Phase I Volunteers  replaced a rusted bathtub  and sink, installed a new faucet and tub surround, rebuilt a water damaged wall and restored electricity to three rooms by replacing a defective GFCI outlet.  Materials cost- $485 :104 volunteer hours.
  23. March 15-18. New Bridge Rd., VB.  Phase I. An elderly lady living in a rural cottage with serious structural issues. FWC made some progress on weatherization. They replaced three windows and two exterior doors. They removed a portion of the back wall to install a new door.  FWC engaged a contractor to replace the well pump and insulate the pump house. Volunteers also worked with the homeowner in cleaning and organizing the main living area, discarding alot of clutter. Total cost- $2000, was donated by Pungo Church of God. 100 volunteer hours logged.
  24. March 20. Alton Dr., VB.  The homeowner complained that the heating system was not working.  A contractor surveyed the system and determined it was very old, beyond repair and needed replacement.  He was hired to replace the system at a cost of $2,586 paid by FWC .
  25. March 23, Holly Cove Dr., Ches. FWC volunteers installed laminate flooring, base and quarter round molding in two rooms and a hall.  No cost to FWC. and 61 volunteer hours.
  26. March 25, Oak Hurst Ct., VB.  Phase I A 55 year old disabled Navy veteran had a large hole in his roof and an inoperative HVAC system.  FWC hired Contractors to make the necessary repairs.  Total cost to FWC was $2900.  8 volunteer hours
  27. March 31, Lamplight Lane, VB, Phase I. A couple in a modest home had a leaking gas hot water heater and a roof leak which damaged drywall, ceiling, and French doors  Contractors repaired the roof and replaced the water heater at a cost of $1921. 8 volunteer hours
  28. March 31, Chimney Creek Dr., VB:  A single working mother’s home had a roof leak.  FWC hired a contractor to repair the flashing around the chimney to fix the leak.  Costs -$319.
  29. April 1, Colony MHP, VB:  The home of an elderly woman had several roof leaks.  FWC hired a roofer to fix the leaks with a sealant. Cost was $400 which included 6 contractor hours.
  30. April 1, Level Green Blvd., VB A single lady with small income had several plumbing problems.  FWC hired a plumber to snake out the drain line and repair a broken pipe inside the wall.  FWC cost was $400 which included 4 contractor man-hours.
  31. April 7/8, Detroiter Ave., VB. Floor joists throughout the home had deteriorated and floors were giving way.  OSB was installed in the main living room, kitchen and bedroom.  Vinyl was laid in the kitchen; carpet installed in the main living room and bedroom.  New kitchen cabinets were installed under a new counter top and sink assembly.  Cost was $1372 and 84 hours.
  32. April 9, Elbyrne Dr., Ches. The gas stove was not working.  A technician was hired to fix the control module.  Total contractor cost was $176.
  33. April 15, Biltmore Dr., VB An elderly couple asked for assistance with a roof leak and some exterior repairs to a shed, fence and storage unit doors. A roofing contractor checked the roof thoroughly and found no leaks. The exterior repairs were referred to TEAM Effort for a summer youth project. There was no cost to FWC. 2 volunteer man hours were expended.
  34. April 18, Mason Neck Ln., VB An elderly couple with serious health issues have extended family living in the home and are financially unable to make major repairs. The central heat and hot water system failed and is beyond repair. FWC engaged an HVAC contractor who replaced system components and restored the system to excellent condition. The cost was $3000.
  35. May 2, Bryce Ln., VB.  A single mother and her teenage daughter live in a well kept townhouse.  The utility bills were very high due to improperly installed windows.  Volunteers from First Presbyterian Church sealed the windows, installed a handrail and adjusted the front and rear doors for better closure.  The cost was $60, and required 33 volunteer hours.
  36. May 2, Martin Ave., Ches. A house break-in resulted in a damaged front door.  FWC replaced the door and a leaky kitchen faucet. Cost was $283, and required 25 volunteer hours
  37. May 5, Sullivan Blvd., VB. Phase I Homeowner is a 76 year old widow.  FWC installed stair railings, repaired and weatherized front door frame and storm door, then repaired water damaged window framing and wall in an upstairs bedroom. A roofer repaired leaks in the garage.  FWC also replaced a bathroom window   Costs were$713, and 25 volunteer hours.
  38. May 8, Pocaty Rd., Ches. A community project for a half-way home for men who have been released from jail.  FWC volunteers, with the help of a youth choir from PA., installed metal roofing.  There was no cost to FWC for this project but required 280 volunteer hours.
  39. May 9, Sagamore St., VB. Elderly widow of an Army Veteran had several  concerns. Seven members of the Virginia Beach United Methodist Church and a FWC Project Manager scraped and painted window frames and rain gutters, improved the gutter drainage, replaced and painted a rotted rake board, tuck pointed missing brick mortar and replaced the house numbers.   A rotted fence post and gate were repaired.  Cost was $50 and required 50 volunteer hours.
  40. May 9, Leige Run , MHP,VB. Phase I Single mother with two teenage children had several plumbing problems, the most serious was a leak near the water heater that left them without hot water.  FWC hired a plumber who fixed all the problems.  Cost was $400.
  41. May 16-18, New Bridge Rd., Phase II, VB.  FWC provided funding to rebuild the kitchen.  Pungo Church of God and the Mennonite Brethren volunteers rebuilt the kitchen floor and outfitted the kitchen with a new range, refrigerator and cabinetry. This is an example of FWC cooperating with other like-minded agencies to bring hope and help to those in need. Cost-$500.
  42. May 29, Deep Creek Blvd., Ches. FWC and a youth group from PA sealed the roof of this mobile home and installed new two new plumbing vent caps.  Total- $177 with 22 man-hours.
  43. May 30, Trumpet Vine Ct., VB. Single lady living in a 20 year old townhome with leaking roof vent pipes. A contractor replaced vent collars and installed missing shingles.  Cost – $385.
  44. May 30, Scenic Blvd., Ches. FWC volunteers rebuilt the kitchen floor and installed a new storm door closer.  The total cost for this project was $109.  23 volunteer hours were expended.
  45. May 30, Old Pughville Rd., Ches. FWC replaced a plumbing vent that was leaking for $5 in  3 hours.
  46. June 2, Hill St., Ches. FWC replaced an inoperative refrigerator with one that had been donated.  There was no cost to FWC for this project and 5 volunteer hours were required.
  47. June 5/6, 913 Va. Beach Blvd. Colony MHP, VB. An elderly wheelchair bound woman needed numerous home repairs.  FWC repaired front porch steps and replaced deteriorated flooring throughout the home.  They also replaced a leaking hot-water valve at the washing machine and fixed a leaking kitchen sink strainer.  New carpet was installed in the bedroom and living room, and new vinyl in the bathroom and utility room.  Total cost $845 (including $200 of donated carpet).  145 man-hours expended.
  48. June 8, Chaseway St., VB. A woman on limited income living in a townhome had leaks. FWC repaired two toilets and completed minor electrical repairs.  Cost was $28.and 15 hours
  49. June 9, Delaware Ave., VB.  An elderly couple subsisting on a limited income live in a home with a leaky roof.  FWC hired a roofing contractor to inspect and repair the skylight, flashing, collar boots and caulk as needed.  Cost: $400.  4 volunteer hours expended.
  50. June 11, Sullivan Blvd., VB.  Phase II An elderly widow needed emergency plumbing repairs to a bathroom tub faucet and shut off valve in the laundry room.  Because this was an emergency requiring full home water shut off, repairs were conducted by a FWC contractor.  FWC also purchased a new gas hot water heater. Total cost was $710. and 2 volunteer hours.
  51. June 15, Silverleaf Ct., VB.   An elderly lady living alone in a townhouse had a leaking toilet and badly rusted outside utility room door.  The damaged door allowed the main circuit breaker and hot water heater to be exposed to wind & rain, as well as potential intruders.  FWC  installed and painted a new door and lock set, and rebuilt the toilet.  Cost was $158 and 15 hours.
  52. June 18, Buckingham Ct., VB.   A single mother living with two teenage sons in a townhouse reported an inoperative florescent light fixture in the kitchen, a leaking bathroom sink and drain lines, and a failed bathroom light switch. FWC volunteers replaced the light switch, changed out the sink and drain lines and replaced burned out light bulbs in the kitchen. Total project cost was $101 ($84 was donated). 12 man hours.
  53. June 18, Martin Ave., Ches. FWC volunteers built hand rails by the porch steps and installed a peep hole in the front door.  The project cost $60, and required 7 volunteer hours.
  54. June 19, Alder Cir., VB. A single lady with multiple medical issues had a roof leak and a hole in the soffit that allowed squirrels to take up residence in her attic.  A roofing Contractor replaced missing shingles and covered the hole.  Cost was $400, and 5 man hours.
  55. June 30, Placid Pl., VB.  Phase II An elderly lady living alone had a leak in her upstairs bathtub which damaged the kitchen ceiling below.  FWC repaired the tub leak and replaced the damaged ceiling sheetrock.  Cost was only $25, as materials were on hand , 10 volunteer hours
  56. July 3, Millington Ct., VB. A single lady living on Social Security had a leak in the garage roof was causing discoloration in her ceiling.  She asked FWC to replace missing roof shingles which she would provide.  FWC hired a contractor to install the shingles.  Total cost was $75.
  57. July 6, Quinwood Ln., VB. An elderly couple of limited means asked FWC to help with several bathroom maintenance issues that needed attention principally a clogged drain and leaky tub faucets..  FWC contracted a plumber who cleaned out the sink drain, replaced tub faucet stems and installed two wax rings under the commode.  Total cost to FWC was $400.
  58. July 11, Military Hwy., Ches. FWC volunteers installed several new electrical circuits to safely accommodate window A/C units.  The cost to FWC was zero; volunteer hours were 12.
  59. July 13, Ricket Ct., VB.  An elderly man had considerable damage to wall framing due to an ongoing roof leak.  Over a period of five days, six volunteers removed damaged drywall from walls & ceiling, replaced rotted studs and headers, installed and primed new sheetrock on walls, and performed preliminary siding repairs on roof at chimney enclosure.  A roofing contractor replaced flashing and damaged siding on two sides of chimney enclosure and replaced about 36 square feet of roof decking. Total cost was $462 and 64 volunteer hours.
  60. July 16, Edgewood Ave., Ches. FWC volunteers and a youth group built a handicap ramp to aid entry and exit from the building.  Cost was $0.  158 volunteer hours were spent
  61. July 16, Michael Dr., Ches. FWC repaired a sewer pipe that had rusted through, floors in three rooms and  a roof leak with new chimney flashing.  Total was $926. ; 41 volunteer hours.
  62. July 16, Sykes Ave. VB. A 91 year old widow with limited income living in a 1940 ranch house has active termite infestation and termite damage in the joists and support structure under the house.  FWC contracted for termite treatment at a cost of $900 and 10 volunteer hours
  63. July 23, Grey Friars Chase VB. A couple requested help with repair of deteriorated exterior wood trim.  Recent medical bills depleted their savings.  Due to the very high location of the trim and the steeply pitched roof, it would be unsafe for FWC volunteers to do the work.  FWC gave the homeowners names of reliable contractors. Zero cost  5 volunteer hours.
  64. July 28, Campus Dr., VB.  A retired lady living in a townhome had repeated drain/sewer backups. This required a drain line camera inspection to determine if/where a pipe breakage existed.  When this inspection was completed FWC hired a contractor to repair. Cost was $400.
  65. August 1, Hill St. Ches. FWC volunteers repaired the floor in two rooms and installed new vinyl. They also installed a new tub surround.  Total Cost was $511.  51 volunteer hours.
  66. August 9, Donnawood Dr., VB.  A homeowner had a persistent roof leak that had been repaired several times but not permanently fixed.  A roofing contractor was engaged to replace a large section of roof with new shingles at a cost of $400.  4 volunteer hours were expended.
  67. August 10/11, Sampson La, VB, Phase I.  A single mother, widow of an Army veteran, had structural issues caused by a faulty I-Beam installation in the first floor of her townhome. FWC installed two steel posts to stabilize the beam to stop further settling. They replaced damaged drywall and sealed cracks in the brick veneer to prevent further water damage. They also repaired two faulty toilets, and engaged the services of a roofing contractor to repair two sections of deteriorated fascia board. Cost was $750, off-set by a Home Depot donation of $150 and a $100 donation of materials. Total to FWC was $500.  86 volunteer hours were expended.
  68. August 15, Military Hwy., Ches. FWC volunteers replaced the front door and two windows on a mobile home.  Total Cost was $705.  12 volunteer hours were expended
  69. August 25, Chancery La., VB. A woman needed several repairs to her townhouse. FWC  caulked the bathtub and vanity sink; replaced electrical outlets; repaired a damaged ceiling and sealed windows. A roofer installed a vent cap and sealed a hole in the roof. Costs-$225; 20 hrs
  70. August 27, Glenmont La., VB.  A low income elderly couple in a modest home ,could not afford to hire repairmen.. FWC installed two grab bars in the tub/shower area.  FWC hired a roofer to repair the roof.  Total cost to FWC was $380.  Eight volunteer hours expended.
  71. 7 September 5, Costa Ave., Ches. Our FWC Volunteers built a handicap ramp for this family.  Total cost was $735 and 56 man hours.
  72. September 9, Smiths La., VB. An Elderly couple needed a handicap ramp for wife.  Because the need was temporary (broken foot) and the couple’s income and assets exceed FWC guidelines, the homeowner was given contact info for a ramp contractor. Volunteer time  2 hrs.
  73. September 11, East Indian River Rd., VB.  A woman with a moderate income is living in a home with a sagging bathroom ceiling and a damaged, unsafe deck.  Two FWC volunteers and 5 VB city employees working together as part of the United Way Day of Caring repaired the bathroom ceiling, added a handrail to the deck stairs and made various repairs improve safety to the deck.  Detached downspouts were reattached.  Material cost-$83 and 64 man/woman hours.
  74. September 11, Delaware Ave., VB. Phase II An elderly couple with medical issues had multiple problems in their home, including a missing kitchen counter top, rotted decking around a non-functioning  above ground pool and hot tub with a large hole.  Working in partnership with TeamEffort youth missions Way and United Day of Caring volunteers, FWC demolished and removed the deck, pool and hot tub; repaired the roof; constructed a new deck for safe exit/entry at 5 sliding doors; installed railings and painted front and side porches.  Donated loads of soil were spread to improve grade, and an extended rear deck was built to meet the new grade.  A temporary silt fence was installed and a rotted rim joist was replaced.  A new counter top was installed in the kitchen.  Total cost to FWC was $285.  333 volunteer hours were expended.
  75. September 11, Iron Leige Run , Derby Run MHP, VB.  A single Mother with medical issues was threatened with eviction if she did not repair the front porch and railings. .  Two FWC volunteers and five VB City employees working together as part of the United Way Day of Caring rebuilt two porches to a safe condition.    Cost was $150; 45 volunteer hours.
  76. September 12, Michael Dr., Ches. FWC volunteers repaired a kitchen floor and installed luan and new vinyl.  Total cost was $69.  The project required 21 volunteer hours.
  77. September 12, Sunkist Rd., Ches. FWC volunteers repaired a window pane; replaced grout around the bath room tub and floor; repaired a crack in a wall; reset the tile on the porch; and, replaced missing roof shingles. Total cost was $17 and 10 volunteer hours.
  78. September 14, Martin Ave., Ches. FWC installed a window A/C unit, replaced the front door handle, front door trim and caulked surrounding joints.  Cost was $179.  11 volunteer hours.
  79. September 14, Tuttle Creek Ct., VB. A woman living alone requested help to repair damaged drywall behind her washing machine. FWC volunteers inspected the valve above the damaged area and found no evidence of an active leak.    With no active leak and minor, out of sight damage, this doesn’t meet FWC project approval.  She was referred to a contractor.
  80. September 18, Military Hwy., Ches. FWC checked all electrical circuits and found the water heater with a leak which the homeowner would repair.  Zero cost .  5 volunteer hours
  81. September 22, Leicester Ct., VB. An unemployed woman living in a townhouse with multiple electrical problems, a non functioning HVAC system and several windows requiring weather sealing.  A Contractor and a FWC volunteer repaired the HVAC system, corrected electrical problems and weather sealed 2 windows.  Contractor fee-$875.  10 volunteer hours
  82. September 23, Spence Cir., VB. A single woman had been cited by the city for exposed roof sheathing and rotted fascia boards, trim and porch support pillars.  A FWC contractor advised that the entire roof and several pieces of sheathing needed to be replaced.  A local business owner who knows the H/O offered to pay the contractor’s cost.  FWC approved the project. The contractor replaced the rotten sheathing and all roof shingles and removed, replaced and painted all rotten fascia, rake boards, trim and the base of the front support pillars.  The cost of the project was $2820, which was covered by a $3000 donation  3 volunteer hours
  83. October 9, Ferry Point Rd., VB. An elderly lady living in a modest home had rotten soffit pieces and detached gutters. FWC volunteers replaced 30 feet of fascia board and reinstalled the metal wrap and gutters. Cost to FWC was $150 and 25 volunteer man hours.
  84. October 10, Swallow Dr., MHP VB.  An elderly couple with medical problems were unable to maintain their  home.  FWC applied sealer to the leaking roof, installed hand rails to a wheelchair ramp and rebuilt the rotted bathroom floor.  Cost $200; 40 man hours.
  85. October 12, 2015, White Hall Ln., VB. An elderly widow living in a well maintained home reported leaks over her sun room and the main part of the house. FWC hired a contractor to  repair both areas and move the gutter away from roof.  Cost was $400. 2 volunteer hours
  86. October 16 Shooting Star Dr, VB. A single mother living in a neat duplex requested a refrigerator which FWC provided from the warehouse.  A contractor made repairs to a leaking roof.  Cost to FWC was $400; 12 volunteer hours were expended.
  87. October 17, Sampson Ln., Phase II, VB.  A deteriorated deck attached to the home had become hazardous. A group of volunteers from the Virginia Beach United Methodist Church removed and replaced all the deck boards and top rails. They made minor repairs to the front handrails and applied two coats of paint to the structure. Volunteers also cleared the back yard of overgrown shrubs. VBUMC paid for all materials. The church volunteers contributed 75 hours.
  88. October 28, Pryor Ct., Ches. FWC volunteers repaired a portion of a subfloor, replaced  luan that was water damaged and installed new vinyl planks.  They also checked for mold and installed new base molding.  Total cost to FWC was $186.  32 volunteer hours were expended.
  89. October 31, Ferebee Ave., Ches. FWC  built a new railing around the porch and access step, and replaced a deteriorated fascia board.  Total cost was $198.  30 volunteer hours
  90. November 7, Park Row Ave., Ches. Volunteers rebuilt a rotted porch post, replaced a couple of panes of window glass and repaired storm windows. Cost was $153.and 18 hours
  91. November 11 – December 4, Thompkins Ln., VB.  Phase II The homeowner is a single lady raising three grandchildren on $700 per month Social Security, cited by the City for numerous Code violations.  Her house was uninhabitable due to a leaking roof, no heat, no water and unsafe wiring.  FWC hired a Licensed Electrician to correct the wiring.  Volunteers installed baseboard heaters, corrected the plumbing , installed a new water heater .. Donated kitchen cabinets and appliances were installed.  Other miscellaneous repairs were done allowing the family to move back into a safe home.  Cost was $4,500 and required 400 volunteer hours.
  92. November 16, Meadowbrook Ct.,VB.  A single father living on a modest income had a minor roof leak and other maintenance issues, but FWC was unable to assist as the issues were not health or safety related. Volunteers coached him on maintenance methods to correct some of his repair items, and left him with referrals for reliable contractors,
  93. November 16,Ewell Ln, Ches. FWC rebuilt a bathroom floor, replacing a floor joist.  New vinyl was laid to finish the job.  Total cost to FWC was $159; 42 volunteer hours ware expended.
  94. November 17, Deep Creek Blvd., Ches. FWC volunteers painted the outside of a mobile home so the homeowner, a veteran, would not be evicted.  Zero cost ; 25 volunteer hours
  95. November 18, Smokey Chamber Dr., VB. An elderly widow living in a townhouse complained of multiple electric issues. Three FWC volunteers replaced two faulty switches, three light fixtures and correctly rewired a third switch.  Total cost was $41. 10 volunteer hours
  96. November 21, Aspen Arch, Ches. FWC volunteers replaced two windows and several rotted fascia boards.  Total cost to FWC was $961.  77 volunteer hours were expended.
  97. December 5, Michael Dr., Ches. FWC volunteers installed a wheel chair ramp. Total cost to FWC was $145 and required 11 volunteer hours.
  98. December 7, Nautilus Ave., Ches. A plumber was hired to repair a water leak.FWC volunteers made the repair in an upstairs bathroom. Cost was $227 and 7 volunteer hours.
  99. December 8, Cold Spring Rd. VB.  A single mother raising two teenagers on a very modest income living in a clean, home needed help with some maintenance items.  FWC repaired two rotted window sills, caulked a leaking window and repaired a drywall ceiling damaged by a water leak.   Materials were in the warehouse. . 20 volunteer hours used
  100. December 9, Daisy Crescent, VB. FWC repaired damaged roof shingles, caulked the dryer vent and installed two grab bars. No cost for on hand materials. 13 volunteer hours
  101. December 22, Stony Creek Arch, Ches. FWC volunteers repaired the bathroom ceiling damaged by a leak from the townhouse above.  FWC incurred no cost and used 5 volunteer hrs.
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