Donor And Recipient Privacy Policy


Policy and Procedure

Name of Policy:

Donor and Recipient Privacy of Personal and Financial Information

Policy Number:

BOARD – 011


Board of Directors


To provide assurance to donors and potential donors of the organization’s commitment to safeguard their privacy. It is essential that privacy be treated as a serious responsibility and that the policy instills confidence in the public that donor identities are protected when making contributions.

Effective Date:

February 10, 2011

Last Rev. Date:


Required Signatures:

Board Chair




Privacy: Confidentiality of personal and financial data of donors.



The organization shall adopt procedures to assure that the privacy of donors is protected in all business transactions, and that the organization is fully committed to that end.  Donors will be assured that this organization and its Directors are bound by the requirements of this policy.  As this policy incorporates other Board Policies (see “Related policies” below), it is subject to change as the underlying policies change.



The organization shall publish on its website and to potential applicants the following privacy and confidentiality guidelines: 

  1. FWC has no commercial affiliation with any profit-making organization.  FWC Directors receive no compensation for services or expenses involved with FWC Projects; and, they have no commercial affiliation with Faith Works or with any organization that profits from Faith Works projects.
  2. FWC does not share, sell, trade, or rent any personal or financial data to any organization or affiliate for any reason.
  3. FWC limits access of donor information to those who have a financial need to know.
  4. Donor data is used in confidence by the Finance Committee for banking and accounting purposes.
  5. The secretary prepares IRS required letters of acknowledgement for all donors; individuals and organizations.
  6. The annual IRS Form 990, Income Tax Return for Non-profit Organizations” requires a list of private donors and organizations whose contributions exceed $2,000.00.  However, this disclosure will not be made public in the annual report as posted to the organization’s Internet website.
  7. Personal data obtained from Project Application and Nomination forms, and personal interviews are not disclosed to public; and, at the request of the applicant, will be returned or destroyed upon completion of the application process. No personal records are maintained in the Board minutes, only the decision whether the project was approved or disapproved.
  8. FWC will not use Internet cookies or related technology for monitoring personally identifiable information from Internet visitors to the FWC website.


Related Policies:

BOARD – 001 Conflict of InterestBOARD – 002 Compensation for Officers and Directors

BOARD – 009 Recipient Qualification and Project Evaluation Policy


You may download the signed PDF version HERE







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