Faith Works Coalition – 2016 Summary of Projects



  1. January 3, Stoney Creek Arch, Ches. Mother and adult daughter living in nice townhouse.  FWC volunteers repaired the bathroom ceiling where there had been a leak from the townhouse above.  FWC incurred no cost for this project.  5 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. January 7, Nautilus Ave., Ches. FWC engaged the services of a Contractor  to connect the exhaust flue to he HVAC unit.  Total cost was $150.  2 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. January 7,  Windsor Gate Rd., VB.  A single lady hired and paid an unlicensed person to convert her garage into a bedroom and bathroom.  He disappeared leaving the  job unfinished.  Her income was too high to qualify for FWC assistance but she was provided names of three reputable Contractors and  advice for screening tradesmen. 6 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. January 12, Smokey Chamber Dr. VB. An elderly widow lives in a home with deteriorated wood siding.  The work falls outside of the FWC “warm, safe and dry” regulation.  Accordingly, she was given Virginia Beach Community Development Corporation (VBCDC) information regarding home repair, and suggestions about financing, using 10 hours.


  1. January 15, Military Hwy., MHP, Ches. FWC cleaned and sealed the roof of this home. The homeowner provided the sealer so it was zero cost.  14 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. January 16, Kingsley Ln., Ches. FWC volunteers power washed a side of this home discolored by mildew and mold.  They also replaced a section of metal flashing that was damaged in a storm.  The total cost to FWC was $74.  17 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. January 22, Armentrout Ct., Ches. FWC replaced rotted brick molding around an exterior door, railings on a handicap ramp and a door window. Total cost was $75; 20 volunteer hours


  1. January 22, First St., Ches. FWC volunteers installed a new kitchen counter top, sink and faucet.  They repaired deteriorated sheet rock, and fixed several electrical problems.  The total cost to FWC was $700.  63 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. February 2, Hillwell Rd., Ches. FWC volunteers  installed new floor joists, flooring and vinyl in a laundry room and bathroom.  They also replaced a bathtub with a shower and installed a new toilet.  The total cost was $1048.  134 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. February 4, Michael Dr., Ches. Single lady with COPD.  The heating system was not keeping the house warm.  Our HVAC Contractor checked the system, finding it was low on Freon.  Total cost to FWC was $200.  1  volunteer hour was expended.


  1. February 6, Red Head Ct., Ches. FWC contracted a Roofer to repair roof damage.  Volunteers installed anew exterior and storm doors.  Cost was $97.  12 volunteer hours.


  1. February 8, Lake Christopher Dr., VB. A disabled lady complained of damaged sheetrock in her bedroom ceiling. FWC volunteers jacked up the panel and secured it with strips of lath. Cost to FWC was $59.  14 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. February 15, Sunset Dr., Ches. FWC volunteers replaced the carpet in a bedroom which was water damaged.  The total cost to FWC was $193.  12 volunteer hours were required.


  1. February 16, Kenelm Dr., Ches. FWC and a contract Plumber replaced a rotted bathroom drain.  They also repaired a damaged wall.  The total cost was $225 and  7 volunteer hours.


  1. February 19, N. Crestline Dr., VB.A senior citizen living on a very modest income had no working lights, plumbing problems and some malfunctioning windows. FWC volunteers repaired the plumbing and window problems  and hired an Electrician to correct the electrical problems.  Cost was $375 and required 20 volunteer hours.
  2. March 3, Southport Ave., Ches. FWC repaired storm damaged vinyl siding and metal fascia.  There was no  cost to FWC , but four volunteer hours were required to make the repairs.
  3. March 4, Lincoln Rd., Ches. FWC volunteers installed new insulation and sheet rock on a ceiling that had been damaged from a leaking roof.  Cost to FWC-$21.  10 hours were required.


  1. March 6, Pritchard Rd, VB.  An elderly lady living alone on modest income had a pair of large front windows that were rotting . A Contractor to removed the windows, repaired the framing and installed replacement windows.Cost was $1,920; utilizing 12 volunteer hours.


  1. March 10, Keats St., Ches. FWC volunteers repaired a water leak between the kitchen and bathroom.  They rebuilt the bathroom floor, installed a new bathroom vanity and sink  plus  two handicap bars.  They also repaired the kitchen floor and installed new cabinets.  Total cost to FWC was $415.  86 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. March 11, Kenelm Dr., Ches. FWC engaged a licensed Plumber to clear blocked drains.  Total cost to FWC was $125.  5 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. March 11, Keats St., Ches. FWC contracted an HVAC Technician to repair an exterior A/C unit that was damaged in a storm.  Total FWC cost was $1400;  5 volunteer hrs.


  1. March 30, Clydesdale Ln. Phase 2, VB. FWC hired a Plumber to repair a leak in the upstairs bathroom. Volunteers repaired the back porch ceiling and fascia, and applied a patch to a hole in the closet ceiling. FWC cost was $391;  25 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. April 7, Old Guard Crescent, VB.  A single disabled lady and her disabled adult son living on a very meager income were in need of an entire new roof.  The HOA was threatening her with a daily fine if it wasn’t replaced.  FWC did not have the funds for this project but located a local Roofing Contractor who agreed to install a new roof at no charge.  The value of his donated services  was  $5,680 requiring 25 hrs of volunteer efforts to arrange and coordinate the  work.


  1. April 7, Hatteras Rd, VB.  A single lady had numerous electrical and plumbing problems.  FWC repaired her plumbing issues and referred her to a reliable Electrician.  Cost was $35 and required 7 volunteer hours.


  1. April 9, Silverleaf Ct., VB. An elderly lady living alone in a nice townhome  needed some repairs to her fence and deck.  Since this project didn’t meet FWC approval criteria, the project was referred to TEAMEffort last summer, but never completed.  With FWC Project Manager supervision, Bayside Presbyterian Church volunteers removed a rotted trellis, and replaced two sections of fence on March 12.  On April 9, volunteers from Oak Grove United Methodist Church demolished and replaced the deck and two broken outdoor light fixtures then,  hauled away all the debris.  There was no cost to FWC.  90  volunteer hours were expended.
  2. April 10, Lavender Ln, VB. An elderly widow whose Homeowner’s Insurance  had lapsed suffered a fire  that destroyed the inside of her home, blew out several windows and destroyed some exterior siding.  In November 2015 FWC volunteers began the very long and difficult project to rebuild the home’s interior, set new windows and install some new siding.   The entire electrical system had to be renewed, which was done be Instructor Bob Shanks and his Electrical students from Tidewater Community College; all their labor was donated.  The heating and A/C system also needed to be replaced; the major units were donated by Damuth Trane Company and installed by our HVAC Contractor at a reduced labor fee.  Barrington Plumbing installed most of a new plumbing system for no labor fees.  FWC conducted eleven three day work periods and many volunteers worked additional days.  U.S. Navy volunteers from the Gerald R. Ford pre-commissioning crew showed up to help out.  Extended family members of the homeowner arrived between work days to clean up and do the painting, they also laid all the carpet when the home was finished. The costs of this project were covered as follows:  FWC funds $3,600, Home Depot Veteran’s Grant $5,000, family members $12,00, donated materials (HVAC equipment, kitchen cabinets, water heater, lighting fixtures) approximately$7,000.   This was truly a community -wide project taking approximately 2,500 volunteer hours.
  3. April 11, Arctic Ave., VB. An elderly lady living alone in a single family home had a broken window in the kitchen.  Two volunteers replaced the glass and made adjustments so  the window would close and lock correctly.  FWC cost was $13;  6  volunteer hours were expended.
  4. April 12, Lake Huron Dr., VB.  A senior citizen living a in a two-story townhome had no running water.  A plumber replaced a supply shutoff valve and toilet in one bathroom then  rebuilt three shutoff valves, replaced a faucet and repaired a toilet in another bathroom.  This restored water to the house and provided working toilets and sinks.  FWC repaired/replaced several electrical outlets, plywood panels in a kitchen cabinet and installed two smoke detectors.  Costs were $400 and required  10 volunteer hrs.
  5. April 16, Military Hwy. MHP, Ches.  A family of five in old mobile home had  a leaking roof. In six hours, FWC sealed the roof with sealer provided by the homeowner. Cost was $0


  1. 30. April 18, Lindale Dr., Ches. The kitchen ceiling in this old home came down due to weight of the HVAC system in attic. FWC added additional ceiling joists, rerouted the HVAC drain and installed new ceiling sheetrock.  Total cost was $154.  40  volunteer hours were expended.


  1. April 25, Bainbridge Blvd., Ches. An elderly mother and father are living in an old home with a granddaughter and disabled son.  FWC engaged a Roofing Contractor to fix a roof leak, while volunteers repaired damaged sheet rock. Total cost to FWC was $856. & 13 volunteer hrs.


  1. April 26, Secretariat Run, MHP, VB.  A handicapped lady who has been in a wheelchair all her life lives alone in a mobile home. FWC has done some repairs for her over the years. On this project we replaced damaged vinyl flooring in her bathroom, significantly repaired her trailer skirting and wall paneling where rodents had entered, installed a new porch light, and made repairs to the front door. FWC spent $180 and 50 volunteer hours on this rewarding project.
  2. April 29, Babbling Brook Dr  VB.  An elderly woman with multiple medical issues had a leaking toilet.  Volunteers replaced the flange wax ring.  Cost was $12; 5 volunteer hours


  1. May 12-14 Rose Marie Ave. VB. An elderly lady with severe arthritis is trying to stay in her home. FWC built a handicapped ramp and a back porch so she can enjoy her garden with wheelchair access. We also widened a bathroom door and made modifications to the bathtub so she can bathe. Earlier a church group spent a day doing a major clean-up of her back yard and flower beds. We spent $850 on this project and volunteers donated approximately 150 hours.


  1. May 16, Alameda Dr., VB. An elderly couple is raising three grandsons.  FWC removed and replaced 2 broken windows and installed smoke alarms and a refrigerator.  A Roofer was engaged to replace missing shingles and tabs.  FWC cost was $611 and 26  volunteer hours


  1. May 17, Martin Ave., Ches. A ninety one  year old gentleman who is bedridden needed a handicap ramp for access to doctor appointments.  FWC was  able to use material from a disassembled ramp.  Total cost to FWC was $41, and 22 volunteer hours were expended.
  2. May 17, Omar St., Ches. FWC volunteers repaired a toilet, a faucet, stopped a roof leak and installed a new dryer vent. The total cost was $48.  16 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. May 18, Tapscott Ave., Ches. Elderly single woman has electric heating but no central A/C.  In the summer she lives in the den and converted garage as the heat upstairs is so uncomfortable..  FWC installed a new window then  insulated and sealed around the garage door.  FWC cost was $189, utilizing 22  volunteer hours.  The homeowner contributed $100.


  1. May18, Lumberjack Rd. VB. An elderly lady providing a home for her extended family had no hot water. FWC contracted for installation of a new water heater.  The cost was $650; volunteers spent  6  hours on this project.


  1. May 18, Magnolia St., CVMHP, VB. An elderly lady in a mobile home reported that she had no power. A volunteer retored power by resetting all breakers, utilizing  2 volunteer hours.
  2. May 25, Military Hwy. MHP, Ches. FWC rebuilt front porch steps for an elderly couple.  They also replaced the heating element in the  water heater. In a related effort, the youth group from Oak Grove UMC sealed the roof and  funded the project. 38 volunteer hrs were expended.


  1. May 25, Cedar Cove Ln., Ches. Widowed mother and daughter living in nice home,  FWC volunteers rebuilt three toilets; replaced some rotted trim; and had the home treated for termites.  Total cost to FWC $812.  13  volunteer hours were expended.


  1. June 3, Andover St, VB. A disabled elderly lady  requested assistance to fix her failed heat pump.  FWC hired a Contractor who repaired the unit. Cost was $467and 6  volunteer hours.


  1. June 7, Andover St., VB. A woman needed assistance with a clogged washing machine drain. FWC hired a Contractor who removed the obstruction for $110, plus 3 volunteer hours .


  1. June 10, Princess Anne Rd., VB. An elderly lady had a rotted porch roof over her back stoop.  Additionally, the house exterior and wood trim were badly in need of repainting. Since this project involved no real health or safety issues inside the home, FWC referred this project to TEAMeffort, a Christian Youth Missions group.  TEAMeffort volunteers rebuilt the porch roof and scraped and painted the entire house. This project cost was zero; the TEAMeffort youth volunteers spent approximately 200 volunteer hours.


  1. June 10, South Kings Point Rd., VB. Phase 1. A disabled veteran was having major problems with his sewer drains. FWC engaged a Contractor who dug out and replaced the old sewer line ; all of which work was performed at no cost.  The homeowner and neighbors will back fill the excavation. Costs to FWC were $450 and the services of 20 volunteer hours.


  1. June 16, White Birch Ln., VB. This elderly Navy widowstriken with  cancer is very weak due to treatments.  She was unable to step into the bathtub and bathe properly. FWC made modifications to her bath tub and added grab bars so that she can now step into the tub. The costs were approximately $75; 20 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. June 22, Cedar Rd., Ches. A widow living “on the edge” financially complained of a leak in her roof.  FWC hired a proven Roofing Contractor who repaired the leaky roof.  The total cost to FWC was $706.  2  volunteer hours were expended.


  1. June 27, Lake Victoria Arch. VB.. A family had water leaks in an upstairs shower that damaged the kitchen ceiling below. FWC made tile repairs to the shower, drywall repairs to the ceiling and  corrected a faulty kitchen faucet. FWC spent $160 Volunteers worked  36 hours.


  1. June 30, Red Head Ct., MHP, Ches. FWC replaced a very weak deck with a patio in a mobile home.  They rebuilt a bathroom floor, replaced a deteriorated window and repaired damaged sheetrock.  The total cost to FWC was $822.  70 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. June 30, Tradewinds Rd., VB.  A paralyzed man and his wife living on limited income requested roof, fascia and fence repairs and installation of a wheel chair ramp.  FWC Project Managers and TEAMEffort repaired damaged fascia and replaced the deteriorated part of the roof. They repaired broken fencing, installed a small roll-out patio at the rear door and built a wheelchair ramp at the front door.  Total cost was $791 and required 1000 volunteer hours.


  1. July 7, Lindale Dr., Ches. An elderly lady living alone in older home complained that her HVAC system was not producing cold air, running but not cooling.  An HVAC Contractor added 10 lbs. of Freon to the system.  The total cost to FWC was $300.  1  volunteer hour was spent.


  1. July, 7 Sugar Tree Ct., Ches. A single lady in a well cared for home reported that her gas water heater stopped working.  An FWC approved Plumber replaced a defective part.  The total cost to FWC was $275 and 1 volunteer hour.


  1. July 9, Chimney Creek Dr., VB.  A single mother asked for assistance with their central air conditioner.  FWC engaged a certified A/C Technician who determined the unit was not economically feasible to repair.  Total replacement cost exceeded FWC available funds.  Instead, FWC purchased and installed a portable a/c unit.  Cost was $303 and 10  volunteer hours.


  1. July 8, Greendell Rd., Ches. A blind, elderly man living alone requested help. FWC volunteers worked with a City Inspector and a neighbor to clean mold off the outside of the home; replaced rotted fascia; the garage door; and a rotted window sill.  A local summer youth group cleaned the yard.  The total cost to FWC was $413.  136 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. July 13, Ferry Point Rd., VB. An elderly widow had some minor roof leaks and some faulty lighting. FWC volunteers replaced two roof collars and the chimney cap. One fan and light kit was replaced to bring proper lighting to all rooms. This is a modest home the exterior of which was built from a prefabricated kit sixty years ago.  The homeowners finished the interior themselves.  FWC spent $135 and 20 volunteer hours on this project. The homeowner was very thankful and gave FWC a donation of $50, a princely sum on her restricted budget.


  1. July 15, Good Hope Rd., VB. A single lady had roof and plumbing leaks as well as deteriorated siding.  In early May, FWC volunteers made temporary repairs to the roof.  In June and July, TEAMeffort spent three weeks on site, and with assistance and input from FWC, the following work was accomplished:  the volunteers replaced double sink drain baskets and piping,  repaired a sink cabinet bottom and the ceiling in an upper cabinet,  replaced two window screens using donated materials and removed/replaced deteriorated T-111 siding and trim boards.  The volunteers primed and painted the entire house exterior and installed a new roof, vent collars and rain diverter.  They re-roofed and repaired siding on a shed, and refurbished a wooden fence. The shingles were donated.  TEAMeffort provided most  materials except for FWC purchases which of  $350.   FWC volunteers expended 92 hours, hundreds more by TEAMeffort..


  1. July 16, Lavender Ln., VB. A neighbor of a former FWC client asked for repairs and painting that were not within the parameters of warm, safe and dry (WSD) making her ineligible   for FWC assistance, but  TEAMeffort volunteers rebuilt the fence and deck, repainted the entire house and cleaned up the yard.  No cost to FWC.  About 500volunteer hours by  TEAMeffort


  1. July 18, Rellen Court, VB. An elderly widow reported several electrical problems.  FWC Project Managers surveyed the home and made some improvements, but were unable to correct all the problems. FWC engaged  an Electrical Contractor who replaced two GFIs and repaired faults in two other circuits. The cost to FWC was $285.  10  volunteer hours were expended.


  1. July 21, Pritchard Road Phase 2, VB. This widowed elderly lady needed maintenance on all the exterior window trim. Because the framing for one large window was rotted, and the window was in danger of falling out, a Contractor replaced the window for FWC earlier this year. This week youth volunteers with TEAMeffort scraped, caulked and painted all the rest of the trim, and replaced a few pieces of sill that were rotted. They also trimmed back shrubs that were overgrown. No cost to FWC; TEAMeffort youth expended 400 hours on the project.


  1. July 22, Elbyrne Dr., Ches. A single lady with five grandchildren aged five to sixteen  was living in an older home.  FWC had an Animal Control Contractor remove ten squirrels from an interior wall and seal up the hole.  The total cost to FWC was $399, and 2 volunteer hours.


  1. July 22, Biltmore Dr., VB.  A widow suffering from arthritis, in a small, well maintained townhome has mobility problems.  The roof leaked which damaged a bedroom ceiling.  FWC hired a Contractor to replace the roof; volunteers replaced the molded, damaged part of the ceiling and repaired a leaking faucet.  Total cost was $2,640 and required 25 volunteer hours.  The homeowner was able to contribute $1,200, bringing the cost to FWC to $1,460..
  2. July 22, Lindale Dr., Ches. An elderly lady in an older home stated that deteriorated shingles on her roof needed to be replaced.  TEAMeffort started this project under the supervision of FWC but was finished by FWC volunteers.  The homeowner gave $500 toward this project which reduced FWC  cost to $92.  The total volunteer hours expended was 160.


  1. July 31, Kings Point Rd., VB. A disabled veteran of the Iraqi war needed a new roof and some siding and deck repairs. FWC coordinated with TEAMeffort youth ministries to complete this work.  They removed the old shingles, made roof decking and fascia repairs, and installed new roof shingles. They also installed some new fence sections and made repairs to the existing deck. The veteran and his neighbors worked with the youths  throughout the effort. FWC provided $1000 in materials; TEAMeffort volunteers spent approximately 1500 hours on this.


  1. August 1, Delaware Ave., VB. An elderly couple with multiple health problems had a hole in a bedroom floor and a broken drainage pipe in the master bathroom.  FWC repaired the rotted flooring and replaced the bathroom drain pipes. Cost to FWC was $12;  7  volunteer hours.


  1. August 5, Hope Ave., VB.  A young lady with severe medical problems needed a ramp for access to/from the home. FWC installed FWC’s temporary ten foot aluminum ramp until a permanent ramp can be installed.  There was no cost to FWC, 7 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. August 4, Margate Ave. VB. A single lady had a roof leak adjacent to a plumbing vent, and several minor toilet and lighting issues. FWC volunteers replaced two vent collars, three toilet flappers, and made repairs to two lights. The cost was $50 and 10 volunteer hours.


  1. August 8, Diana Lee Ct., VB.   A widow suffering from COPD was having breathing difficulties after  her air conditioner stopped working.  FWC hired a Licensed HVAC Contractor who was able to repair the system.  Cost to FWC was $390 and required 8 volunteer hours.


  1. August 9, Daytona Dr, VB Phase 1. An elderly single lady living alone had a broken front door lock and a faulty porch light. Since these are safety/security issues, FWC volunteers replaced the front door locks and repaired the porch light. They also installed new flappers in two leaking toilets and repaired the front gate. The cost to FWC was $30 and 9 volunteer hours.


  1. August 22, Walkers Grant La., VB.A lady living alone had numerous small household problems.   Two FWC volunteers replaced the kitchen faucet; installed two toilet flapper valves; replaced a light switch; replaced a door lock; installed new doorbell switch; replaced a sliding glass door screen; and performed several minor carpentry repairs.  Cost to FWC  was $20, as the homeowner supplied some of the materials.  11 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. August 24, Indian River Rd, VB.A lady living with her adult son while  caring for a disabled uncle and numerous children live in a single family house with multiple problems.  FWC volunteers replaced leaking bathtub valves; outlet and switch plate covers; a rotted entry door frame and sill;  a defective lockset; installed ten soffit vents; removed and replaced rotted soffit and fascia boards; and reattached a gutter that had to be removed for the soffit work.  A hired Contractor repaired the HVAC system.  Total cost to FWC was $551.  57 volunteer hours.


  1. August 24, Duquesne Place, VB.A old single mom living with her four children in a forty four  year old townhouse which had numerous problems.   A Contractor repaired the roof Volunteers replaced the bathtub valves; outlet and switch plate covers and one defective outlet.  They repaired and painted the exterior of the entry door, added a new lockset and secured a loose handrail.  Cost to FWC: $518. 25 volunteer hrs utilized.


  1. August 26, Stratford Dr. Ches.  A wheelchair restricted single mother had accessibility problems.   FWC  built a wheelchair ramp; replaced some trim; and repaired several bi-fold doors.  Total project cost was $508. $126 was donated by Aldersgate UMC  88 volunteers hours


  1. September 1, Colechester Rd., VB.  A widow providing a home for three grandchildren had unsafe flooring and several plumbing issues. FWC volunteers rebuilt the flooring under the washer/dryer and in front of a shower. They also replaced one commode, and repaired a faulty shower head. Total cost to FWC was $170.  60 volunteer  hours were applied to this project.


  1. September 7, South Club House Rd., VB. A senior citizen homeowner living in a two story townhouse with her disabled son had multiple roof leaks and a damaged ceiling.  She hired a Roofing Contractor to replace the roof but could only front $2300 of the $4000 cost.  FWC  negotiated a lower price with the Contactor  and paid the balance.  Four FWC Volunteers repaired the damaged ceiling.  Total cost was $1,678.   27 volunteer hours were used


  1. September 8, Daytona Dr., Phase 2, VB. A single elderly lady  had  cracks in her stairwell ceiling which was in danger of falling. Volunteers from First American Restoration repaired the ceiling and donated their time and materials. FWC volunteers replaced her refrigerator, washer and dryer with used appliances in good condition. There was no material cost; the value of  the donated appliances was approximately $500. Volunteers spent 20 hours on this project phase.


  1. September 8, Volvo Pkwy., Ches. A single lady living in a nice townhouse suffering from Lupus and Fibromyalgia is unable to work.  Her HVAC system was inoperative.  FWC engaged an HVAC Technician who replaced the motor. Cost was $400. 2  volunteer hours  expended.


  1. September 9, Colechester Rd., VB, Phase 2, (MH). A grandmother raising three grandchildren had some badly overgrown bushes.. With the help of VB City employees volunteering on United Way’s Day of Caring, FWC members completed several yard maintenance projects in addition to trimming the bushes. FWC provided a city Yard Debris container costing $75. that enabled the family to complete yard maintenance. 12 hours utilized.


  1. September 9, Lindale Dr. Ches. An elderly lady living alone in an older home requested in-depth kitchen repair.  FWC volunteers and TEAMeffort youth replaced deteriorated sheet rock; installed new upper and lower cabinets.  The group replaced a counter top and installed a new sink and faucet assembly.  FWC also funded a termite treatment service.  The total cost was $1,324.  188 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. September 9, Andover Rd, VB. A disabled woman was unable to maintain her back yard.  FWC volunteers cleared the roof and gutters of tree debris, and hauled several bags and piles of tree limbs to the curb for city pickup.  They were assisted by VB city employees volunteering on United Way’s Day of Caring.  The team also patched a hole in the roof.  20 volunteer hours were expended, no costs.


  1. September 12, Bryce Lane, VB. A single woman is the caregiver for her disabled brother and sister. She requested a wheelchair ramp and repair of one or more roof leaks. FWC engaged a Contractor who repaired the roof leaks. The request for a ramp was withdrawn when the homeowner learned that a ramp would disrupt entrance to the house and that parking would be severely limited. Cost $400. 20 volunteer hours went into this project.


  1. September 12, Military Hwy. Ches. Two windows would not stay open.  FWC replaced the spiral counterbalances.  The total cost was $40.  3  volunteer hours were expended.


  1. September 15, April St., VB. A single woman in a well kept condo requested assistance with a tub valve that was not providing hot water. Troubleshooting determined that the aging water heater was shedding debris, clogging the small passages in the valve. FWC volunteers replaced the  water heater.  While there, they  replaced the washing machine hoses and fixed the garbage disposal. Cost was $448. 20 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. September 19, Tenbee Lane, VB. A single elderly lady needed help with a broken AC unit, plumbing problems, holes in drywall and a broken stair rail.  A Contractor repaired the AC.  Two FWC volunteers replaced the diverter handle and shower head: caulked around the tub in the master bath and replaced broken stair rail brackets.  Total cost – $422 8  volunteer hours.


  1. September 24, Tournament Dr. Ches. An older lady living alone in an older home had problems with the drains in the slab foundation of her home.  FWC volunteers, with the help of our Plumber  removed fifteen feet of concrete, replaced the drain pipe and then the concrete.  We then installed new vinyl flooring.  The total cost was $415.  72  volunteer hours were expended.
  2. September 26, Doon St, VB.  A single, disabled woman living in a nice home needed help with rotted & loose railings on her FWC installed wheelchair ramp and repairs to her mailbox.  FWC volunteers replaced loose original front porch posts, secured railings and repaired the mailbox.  Other railing areas showing signs of rot but still secure, will be referred to a youth group for future replacement.  Total cost to FWC was $25 and required 12 volunteer hours.
  3. October 7, Jonas St. MHP.  An elderly lady  needed numerous repairs. FWC volunteers repaired two areas of water damaged flooring; replaced the porch light,  one toilet and rebuilt another; repaired a light switch and  the porch railing.  Cost was $154.  30 volunteer hours.
  4. October 7, Diana Lee Ct., VB.  In Aug, FWC repaired the AC system for this widow.. Since then the coils began leaking Freon gas.  FWC contacted a licensed HVAC Contractor who agreed to donate labor and Freon provided that FWC paid for parts.  Cost of the parts amounted to $954 of which the homeowner contributed $500.  5 volunteer hours were expended.
  5. October 11, Military Hwy., MHP Ches. An elderly lady living alone in an old mobile home had a hole in the roof caused by a fallen limb. FWC repaired the hole and sealed it.  Additionally, the deck required repair work, the kitchen faucet required replacement as well as a leaking toilet.  . Rotted deck boards were replaced and the steps were rebuilt.  The kitchen faucet and leaky toilet were both replaced.  The total cost was $575, utilizing.  43 volunteer hours.


  1. October 12, Sierra Arch, VB. A single mother requested assistance. Her washing machine had overflowed and flooded the kitchen floor damaging the base cabinets.   FWC contacted a Norfolk business, Paneling Factory Outlet, which donated cabinets later installed by FWC volunteers. There was no cost to FWC; 35 hours were expended.
  2. 91. October 15th, Rellen Court. VB. An elderly widow who is a former client had additional electrical issues. A contract Electrician made repairs. Cost to FWC was $130.
  3. October 19, Cedar Rd.. Ches. A widow living in a nice home had a punctured roof caused by a fallen tree limb.   FWC volunteers patched the hole, installed new shingles and  sealed the roof around the chimney.  Cost was $77.   6 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. October 21, Kiwanis Loop, VB. A lady living in a townhome needed a new storm door.  FWC installed a door and replaced damaged brick molding.   Cost was $17.  7 volunteer hours.
  2. October 27, Rainer Ct., VB.  A multi-generational household requested assistance with deferred maintenance.  FWC volunteers replaced the back door and stabilized the stairway railing. A Contract Plumber cleared a blocked drain,  Cost was $403 and  25 volunteer hours.
  3. November 1, Reid St., Ches. A single man was trying to get his older family home repaired so he could live in it.  FWC aided by an Electrician and a Plumber, replaced the water lines; rewired the home, installed a new electrical panel, a water heater  and electric baseboard heaters.  They  repaired the drains; rebuilt the toilet; and installed a donated stove and refrigerator.  The total cost was $1848.   87 volunteer hours were expended
  4. November 3. Weeping Willow Ave. VB An elderly lady living alone had some roof leaks where an abandoned stove pipe penetrated the roof. Our Contractor removed the stove pipe and made necessary repairs to the roof. FWC spent $400 and 10 volunteer hours.


On November 10 and 11, FWC partnered with United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) to assist homeowners in the Windsor Woods area of Virginia Beach whose houses had been flooded during Hurricane Matthew.  Twelve volunteers worked on these projects at a cost to FWC of $158.  The next four entries describe the  work performed.


  1. November 10, Ole Towne Ln VB Removed carpeting, flooring and drywall from the rec room in a converted garage.


  1. November 10, South Plaza Tr. VB Removed carpet, parquet flooring and baseboards in two rooms and closets.


  1. November 10 and 11, Meadowburn Cir. VB  Removed drywall and paneling.


  1. Nov 11, Concord Bridge Rd. VB Installed drywall in living room, dining room and closet.


  1. 101. November 12, Debbs Ln., Ches.   Husband,  wife and teenage daughter living in a nice home.  Husband lost job in a downsize and now earns much less.  FWC volunteers replaced several rotted window sills and brick molding; repaired the framing of an outside door; and replaced some soffit and fascia.  The total cost was $354.  92  volunteer hours were expended.


  1. November 11 & 18, Meadowburm Circle, VB, (Hurricane Matthew). This home received two feet of flood water; a total devastation of the interior. The homeowner and friends removed belongings, floor coverings and drywall. FWC removed all remaining drywall and cleaned out the interior. On Nov 18, FWC insulated all exterior walls and assisted the homev owner with reputable Contractors to finish the repairs.FWC spent 80 hours and $200 on supplies.
  2. 103. November 20, Level Green Blvd, VB. An elderly grandmother living with her grandchildren needed a complete HVAC rebuild and replacement of her water heater due to Hurricane Matthew flooding.  FWC volunteers replaced the water heater and a Contractor rebuilt the HVAC system, including significant home rewiring.  The Contractor donated all labor and charging only for parts and materials.  Total cost was $3,452 and required 30 volunteer hours.


  1. November 23, Ferebee Ave., Ches. A family in older home where the electrical meter shorted out.  An Electrician replaced the meter box at a cost of  $300.  2  volunteer hours.


  1. December 1, Doon St., VB. A single disabled woman living in a nice home received substantial flooding from Hurricane Matthew.  United Methodist Relief removed damaged flooring, saturated drywall and insulation.  FWC volunteers installed new insulation, sheet rock and floor trim.  Total cost to FWC was $103 and required 60 volunteer hours.


  1. December 5, Military Hwy., MHP Ches. A bedridden husband and his  wife live in an older home.  FWC had our HVAC specialist install a new thermostat and our Electrician, with the help of a volunteer, run new electrical lines to two rooms so the homeowner will have electricity and light.  The cost was $80.  6 volunteer hrs were expended. 


  1. December 7, Whitley Park Dr. VB.  Phase 1.  A couple had an inoperable heat pump that A Licensed HVAC Contractor filled the system with Freon. FWC caulked a skylight, replaced missing exhaust fan flappers and repaired a porch railing.   Cost was $430 and 25 volunteer hrs


  1. December 8, Eddystone Dr. VB. A single lady had no heat, water coming down the chimney, a leaking toilet and a defective ceiling light fixture.  FWC hired an HVAC Contractor who repaired the heating system for a reduced price and donated his labor.  A chimney cap and a new light fixture were installed and  the toilet repaired Cost was $2,600 and required 30  hours.


  1. December 9, Derby Run  MHP, VB .  An elderly veteran with medical problems  had no hot water.  FWC purchased and installed a water heater.  Cost was $365 and required 15 hours.


  1. December 13, Fife St., Ches. An elderly mother, daughter and three grandchildren living in a nice home.  FWC repaired two broken roof rafters that were causing the roof to sag.  The cost of this project was paid by the homeowners church.  38 volunteer hours were expended.


  1. December 18, Derby Run MHP, VB.  On Dec 9th FWC replaced the water heater for this homeowner.  Soon after the entire water system in his fifty year old mobile home failed.  FWC hired a Plumber who needed to replace all the pipes and two faucets because the water lines were completely clogged with years of  corrosion and silt.  Cost was $2,260 and 10 volunteer hours


  1. December 29, Spartin Dr. MHP, VB.  This single lady, raising her granddaughter, had a sizable roof leak, a dangerous set of front stairs, and wood damage around the front door. FWC built a new front stoop, repaired the damaged siding and entry floor, and added a storm door to prevent further water damage. Our Contractor completed the roof repairs. Costs for this project were $1350; volunteers spent 180 hours.
  2. December 30,Whitley Park Dr VB,  Phase 2.  Completion of work starte December 7 for an elderly couple   FWC restored all the toilets to working condition.  Cost was $20 and 5 hours


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