Faith Works Coalition – 2014 Summary of Projects

FWC logo-high quality-squareTrifold 111. Virginia Beach Blvd (MHP) – Jan 15. A plumber was called to repair interior and exterior leaks. He fixed two hot water tank leaks and a leaking pipe under the trailer. Total cost was $300.

2. Gadwall Court – Jan 18 During the survey FWC learned that heat pump had been inoperative for several months and the roof leaked. An HVAC contractor was brought in to repair the heat pump, and a roofing contractor to repair the roof. Total cost was $400.

3-5. Martin Luther King Day of Service – January 20. FWC and The Mission Continues
a. Crescent Point Dr. –Phase II. FWC partnered with military volunteers of TMC, Hampton Roads. They removed damaged ceiling, installed new drywall and applied popcorn finish. Cost-$225.
b. Landola Dr –Volunteers applied a sealant to make the roof of a mobile home water tight. Cost was less than $190.
c. Greendale Rd –The partners rebuilt a deteriorated front porch stoop; cleaned, repaired and reinstalled gutters; repaired a leaking toilet; and, reseated a back window sash. Cost was $100.

6. High Plains Dr. – Jan 24. The temperature in this 2 story home was 40 degrees as the aged heat pump had long stopped working. FWC engaged an HVAC contractor who restored the heat portion of the heating and A/C unit which must eventually be replaced in its entirety. Contractor cost- $375.

7. Aubrey Dr – Jan 24. The homeowner reported a leak from the upstairs bath through the dining room ceiling. FWC fixed all the leaks; replaced a broken faucet and shut-off valve in the kitchen; repaired a leaking toilet in the upstairs bath; and, repaired all damaged drywall. They also replaced a portion of a carpet pad that was moldy and pulled the wet carpet back to facilitate drying. Cost- $180.

8. Virginia Beach Blvd(MHP)– Feb 8. An electrician replaced two kitchen outlets, one for the refrigerator and one by the sink, repaired the kitchen circuit and hall light switch. Cost was $225.

9. Kilt St – Feb 6 – 11. Phase II. Phase I consisted of plumbing, electrical and HVAC repairs in Nov/Dec 2013. FWC volunteers replaced 36 sheets of drywall and 1000 sq. ft. of insulation that was removed by the homeowner due to mold contamination from water leaks. Phase II cost- $625.

10. Alton St – Feb 7. The homeowner was cited by the city for damaged siding on the home. (FWC does not repair siding unless it is leaking). A trusted handyman made the repairs at no charge.

11. Declaration Rd – Feb 21. Phase II. In Phase I electrical problems and furnace were repaired; volunteers also re-shingled the entire roof. Phase II repaired the ceilings in four rooms that were damaged from roof leaks. On hand materials were used. No new costs.

12. Williamson St – Feb 15. Old and worn kitchen counter tops, cabinets and pantry door were removed and replaced. Sink plumbing was repaired, and the kitchen window was replaced. Cost $855
13. Waterside Ct – Feb 28–Mar 2. FWC workers rebuilt the shower enclosure, replaced rusted out valves and faucets, and added a safety grab bar in the shower. Total cost was $245.

14. S. Military Hwy (MHP) – Mar 1. Volunteers installed a new front door. Cost was $90.

15. Polluck Dr (MHP) – Mar 6. The homeowner is a mentally challenged adult living on disability income. The bathroom floor was unsafe, a faulty electrical outlet required use of several extension cords posing an overload danger. FWC installed new bathroom subflooring and vinyl covering. An electrician was contracted for the outlet repair. Cost was less than $400.

16. Goldeneye Dr – Mar 8. FWC sealed the roof, rebuilt the railings on a ramp, rebuilt the front steps, put new railings on the back steps, then re-insulated/re-paneled a closet wall, installed a new closet shelf and replaced the back outside door. Total cost was $535.

17. Sunset Dr – Mar 8. FWC installed a new ceiling fan, replaced a bathroom sink faucet and installed carpet in a bedroom. Total cost was $340.

18. S Plaza Trail – Mar 15. An Army vet with medical issues and a modest income had several home electrical issues. An electrician fixed all electrical faults. Cost was $225.

19. Settlers Park Dr – Mar 17. Leaking roof. FWC engaged a roofing contractor who discovered that cap shingles over the bay window were installed incorrectly. He corrected the problem and stopped the leak. The contractor made a gift-in-kind for labor; materials cost $75.

20. Rosemarie La – Mar 20-22. Several generations of family live in this home. FWC removed the rotted kitchen floor and base cabinets. Floor joists were repaired over which new flooring, new base cabinets and a new range were installed. They also repaired the bathroom floor, installed new vinyl, rebuilt the walls in the tub/shower and corrected faulty plumbing. Cost was $850.

21. Greendale Rd, Phase II – Apr 4. Roofing, soffits and fascia repaired by a contractor. Cost $810

22. Old Virginia Beach Blvd – Apr 8. This elderly disabled homeowner had several hazardous conditions in the home. FWC built a ramp inside and outside, safely rewired the baseboard heating, rebuilt an outside door, and made some roof repairs. Costs were $400.

23. Clydesdale Ln – Apr 22. A contractor replaced a portion of a deteriorated roof
of this town home, and corrected construction errors in the junction with the neighboring home. A patch was installed in the rotted ceiling of a bedroom. Total cost of the project was $1,950.

24. Vicker Ave – Apr 26 FWC did tuck pointing on the foundation & replaced faulty vents. Cost $28.

25. Bethel Rd – May 10. A contractor was hired to install a new furnace. Volunteers repaired a hole in the ceiling. Cost to FWC was $1,900; the family contributed $1,000.

26. Mandan Rd – May 17. FWC installed a new bath tub surround, repaired the tub faucet, replaced a kitchen faucet and replaced a faulty outdoor GFI. Total cost was $248.
27. Elbyene Dr – May 17. FWC built a wheelchair ramp and installed a ceiling fan/light and a back door light. Also repaired were a bath tub faucet and a hole in the soffit. Cost was $375.

28. Homecrest Blvd (MHP)–May 19. FWC sealed and insulated the roof of this home. Cost $500

29. Sean Dr – May 24. A gutter was installed to prevent water from leaking into the door. Cost $66

31. Head River Rd – May 29. FWC removed deteriorated kitchen and den floors and supporting floor joists damaged by termites. A contractor treated the home for termites. Total cost was $1,710.

32. Head River Rd – May 30. FWC removed a bedroom floor and joists damaged by termites. New joists, subfloor and vinyl were installed. Cost was $1,054.

33. Head River Rd – Jun 1. Homeowner complained of dirt and sand in the well water. A contractor replaced a faulty pump pressure switch. He donated his labor and material.

34. Baker Rd – Jun 2. FWC rented a temporary wheel chair ramp for this homeowner during recuperation from surgery. Total cost was $300.

35. Lilac Ave – Jun 7 FWC hired a contractor to repair a leak in a commode and clean out a kitchen drain. He also replaced a back porch ceiling light and an electrical outlet. Cost $212.

36. Candlewood Cir – Jun 7 FWC hired a plumber to repair underground drain pipes. Cost $400.

37. Aspen Dr – Jun 12. FWC caulked several windows to seal against leaks and repaired a sliding patio door. Cost was $51.

38. Arctic Ave – Jun 14. For this project, FWC installed grab bars and a tub seat in the bath. A hand held sprayer was attached to the tub faucet completing the task. Cost was $6.

39. S Plaza Trail – Jun 16. FWC engaged a plumbing contractor to restore an inoperative sewer drain and connect a detached kitchen sink. Cost was $350.

40. Polluck Dr (MHP) – Jun 17. The homeowner complained of a broken drain line under the home. A plumber was hired to repair the line and open the drain. Cost was $185.

41. Malcom Ct – Jun 24. FWC restored a bath tub for this senior citizen. They installed grab bars, a shower seat, a shower head and a shower curtain. Cost was $233.

42. Chatham Hall Dr – Jun 26 FWC hired an AC tech to replace the air handler. Cost $2,641.

43. Campostella MHP – Jun 27. FWC replaced rotted back steps, door and railing. Cost $103.

44. S. Military Hwy (MHP) – Jul 7. FWC sealed the roof on this mobile home. Cost was $107.

45. Sunset Dr – Jul 15. An FWC contractor replaced a faulty air conditioning unit. Cost – $2,200.

46. Lindale Dr. – Jul 15. FWC engaged a contractor to inspect a leaky roof. He found that the AC condensate drain was plugged. The drain was cleared solving the problem. Cost was $240.

47. Dark Star Run(MHP) – Jul 18. A roofer sealed the roof of this home and replaced several aging vents. An electrician repaired all electrical problems. FWC built a 34 ft. wheelchair ramp. They replaced the living room flooring then sealed leaking windows and external doors. Cost $1,404.

48. Armentrout Ct – Jul 22. FWC made bathroom tub/shower handicapped accessible. A transfer seat, special shower curtain and grab bars were installed. Total cost was $188.

49-51. Jul 25. FWC partnered with Work Camp 2014 sponsored by Providence Presbyterian Church, coordinating and supervising these three projects:
a. Chimney Hill Pkwy. A new roof was installed. FWC paid $1000 of material costs.
b. Polluck Dr (MHP). A deteriorated deck and a shed roof were rebuilt. Cost to FWC $75.
c. Virginia Beach Blvd(MHP). FWC supervised installation of a new mobile home skirt. The youth volunteers also did an extensive yard clean-up for this senior citizen. No cost to FWC.

52. Clydesdale Ln – Jul 26. A roofer replaced/repaired a deteriorated roof. New shingles were nailed over old, new vent pipe collars installed and tree limbs were removed from the roof line. Gutters were cleaned and repaired and an emergency repair made to a falling ceiling. Cost was $900.

53. Bainbridge Blvd. – Jul 26. FWC volunteers replaced an old storm door and frame. Cost $480

54. Martin Ave – Jul 31. FWC fixed plumbing problems and treated the home for termites for $935.

55. Waltham Cir – Aug 2. A single mother of four children, two of whom are severely handicapped. There were plumbing leaks and lack of routine maintenance. FWC restored two bathrooms to proper operation, rebuilt one tile shower wall, the damaged DR ceiling, and repaired several holes in the drywall. A dumpster was rented to dispose of household items. Total cost was $530.

56. Magnolia St (MHP) – Aug 4. There was a sizable leak under a bathroom sink. A plumbing contractor was hired to make repairs. Cost was $265.

57. Aragona Blvd. – Aug 7- 8. This family of 4 had plumbing structural problems under the kitchen sink. FWC replaced the kitchen base cabinets and repaired the joists and sub flooring. They also installed new sink drain plumbing, rebuilt the wall behind the sink. Cost to FWC was $965.

58. Streamline Dr. – Aug 14. This home had several small roof leaks. Reliable Works replaced the chimney flashing and several shingles that were missing tabs. The work was donated.

59. Glydon Dr – Aug 16. An electrician was hired to identify and fix electrical problems. A roofing contractor was also engaged to fix leaks. He replaced several broken shingles, re-set the rake board and sealed flashing where required. Total cost to FWC for both contractors was $720.

60. Shell Rd – Aug 17. Phase I. The homeowner’s refrigerator and window AC unit stopped working. FWC installed a donated refrigerator and a new window air conditioner. Cost $480.

61. Bow St – Aug 19. A fallen tree limb damaged some shingles and a roof truss. A roofing contractor was hired to fix the truss, replace shingles and re-seal flashing where required. Cost $150.

62. Blackwater Loop – Aug 16-18. Phase I. The badly deteriorated roof and interior termite/water damage was rebuilt by a roofing contractor who applied new shingles and vent collars. Cost -$1,900.

63. Britt Terr – Aug 29. The AC in this home stopped working due to a faulty capacitor in the blower motor. An electrician was hired to d restore the system to proper operation. Cost was $140.

64. Clydesdale Ln – Aug 21-23, 2014 Phase II. A flat roof utility room, with a deck on top, had been
leaking and damaged the roof structure and part of one wall. Agape Business Group, donated and installed a new rubber roofing and drip edge. Volunteers built a new deck and reinstalled the railings. Drywall was replaced in the utility room. Total costs – $800.

65. Dawnee Brook Trl – Aug 25. The AC system was inoperative. FWC volunteers replaced several controls which restored the system. FWC cost was $180.

66. Wake Ave – Aug 27. This home needed a wheel chair ramp which FWC built at a cost of $780.

67. Rica Dr– Sept 5. FWC personnel corrected numerous small internal problems and a roofing contractor repaired the roof leaks. Total cost was under $50.

68. Martin Ave – Sept 5. A roof leak developed around a chimney that was no longer in use. A roofer removed the chimney and patched over the hole. Total cost $160.

69. Goldeneye Dr – Sept 6. FWC installed ceiling fans, built a closet, repaired flooring and installed carpet in a bedroom. A plumber repaired a leak in the bathtub. Total cost was $1,060.

70. Magnolia Dr (MHP) – Sept 12. With the help of city volunteers on the annual Day of Caring, FWC members applied a sealant coat to the entire roof and sealed cracks. Cost -$200.

71. Holland Rd – Sept 12. A theft of the heat pump compressors at The Beach Health Clinic, which provides free medical help to those in the city with no means of health care. As a Community Project, FWC had fabricated and installed heavy-duty steel bars over four compressor units to discourage theft. Steel bars were donated by One Piece Fabrication. Virginia Beach City volunteers Day of Caring. Cost $100.

72. Hermes St – Sept 12. FWC engaged the services of a roofing contractor who performed a thorough roof inspection to locate and fix a leak dripping from the ceiling in the living room. The leak was coming from the chimney flashing to which he applied new sealant. He donated his work.

73. N Berwick Ct- Sept 12 -13. FWC repaired a ceiling that was falling down, repaired two toilets and corrected several electrical and plumbing issues. City volunteers, participating in the VB Day of Caring, also cleaned and trimmed the overgrown yard. The cost was $420.

74. Butrico Rd – Sept 19. FWC purchased sheet rock and insulation for the family to install. Upon completion of wall work, the STOP organization will provide a new heating system. FWC cost $240

75. Osborn Ave – Sept 21. FWC installed a new bathroom vanity and sink and repaired a deteriorated bathroom floor. On the exterior 4 broken soffits and fascia boards were replaced and the porch railing strengthened. Total cost was $1,020.

76. Indian River Rd – Sept 24. FWC installed replacement sheet rock in the bathroom and provided the homeowner with insulation for the attic. FWC cost was $594.

77. Blackwater Loop – Sept 25-27. Phase II. The load bearing wall between the living room and the add-on bathroom had been completely destroyed by termites. FWC removed and rebuilt the wall, replaced the tub/faucet valve, tub surround and a toilet, adding a new bathroom floor. Cost $550.
78. Forest Haven Ln – Sept 25. FWC engaged a roofer to repair the leaking roof. Cost was $275.
79. Iowa St – Sept 26. FWC used a roofer to repair a leaking roof and damaged ceiling. Cost $220.
80. Virginia Beach Blvd (MHP) – Oct 8. Three generations of family living in a very old home. FWC installed plywood underlayment and vinyl floor covering in the dining room. Cost $190.
81. Rock Creek Ct – Oct 7. The homeowner complained that the heating system was not working. A contractor was hired to fix the problem. Total cost to FWC was $275.
82. Holly Cove Dr – Oct 13. FWC hired a roofing contractor to fix a leak; volunteers repaired the damaged wall and insulation. Cost to FWC was $374.
83. Shell Rd – Oct 16. Phase II. FWC repaired a rotted floor and installed new vinyl. Cost $235.
84. Caren Dr – Oct 18-19. Collapsed sewer line from the home to the street. A contractor dug a trench for a replacement sewer line and the necessary hookup. FWC broke through the foundation and rerouted the line under the house. The trench was backfilled after city inspection. Cost $1,500.
85. Woods Edge Rd – Oct 22. A roofer repaired a deteriorated roof. He replaced damaged ridge vents, damaged roof decking, repaired gutters and trimmed tree limbs away from house. Cost $210.
86. Spartan Dr (MHP) – Oct 29. The home had a roof leak and an inoperative electric stove. FWC engaged an electrician to fix the stove. FWC applied sealant to the roof. Cost -$130.
87. Campostella Rd (MHP) – Oct 29. FWC provided a combination exterior and storm door; a friend of the homeowner installed both. Cost to FWC was $545.
88. Lloyd Dr – Oct29. FWC repaired/replaced rotted siding, and installed a new toilet. Cost $145.
89. Old Atlantic Ave – Oct 29. FWC replaced/refurbished sills and brick molding on several deteriorated windows. Our HVAC contractor installed a new system. Cost was $1,295.
90. Haygood Rd – Oct 30-31. An elderly retired veteran was unable to use his bath tub. FWC volunteers cut out a section of the tub and installed an insert that allows the homeowner access to the tub over a low curb. This method saved time, money and waste associated with removing the old tub and tile. After the tub modification, grab bars were installed and the tile wall was repaired. Cost $630
91. Bethune Dr – Nov 1. An elderly disabled homeowner complained of circuit breakers tripping and a defective electrical outlet. An electrician repaired the outlet, inspected the electrical panel and tutored the homeowner on load distribution so that the circuits would not be overloaded. Cost $175.
92. Campus Dr – Nov 3. A contractor replaced rodent damaged attic insulation. Cost was $1,700.
93. Berwick Ct – Nov 7. Phase II FWC installed a baseboard heater in a bedroom, replaced a bathroom sink and faucet, rebuilt shower walls and repaired the bathroom floor. Cost was $295.
94. Port Rd – Nov 8. FWC replaced damaged sheet rock and insulation in five ceilings. Cost $425.
95. South Plaza Trl – Nov 10. Volunteers replaced damaged drywall in a bathroom and installed a new vanity. The HVAC system was checked and minor electrical problems were fixed. Cost- $580.
96. Cessna Dr – Nov 13. FWC repaired deteriorated bathtub tile, reset a broken towel bar, replaced rotten door molding and caulked several leaky windows. Project materials were donated.

97. Waltham Cir – Nov18. Phase II for this single mother with mentally challenged adult children. FWC repaired several kitchen cabinets and replaced a damaged counter top. Costs were $400.

98. Magnolia St(MHP) – Nov 22. Phase I. FWC installed a new floors in the kitchen and hall. They repaired and sealed windows, replaced a leaking bath/shower valve, sealed the tub, repaired a railing on the front steps and restored electrical power to outlets throughout the house. A donated stove was installed. A plumber made repairs to the sewer drain. Costs for this phase were $640.

99. Schooner Trl – Nov 28. FWC replaced deteriorated kitchen cabinet doors and drawers. They repaired wall and ceiling damage in the laundry room, weather stripping on the entry door and installed a donated stove. Total cost $50.

100. Realty La – Dec 3-4. FWC built a wheelchair ramp onto the home of a retired veteran. We replaced a faulty kitchen light fixture, repaired a wall behind the washer and replaced loose or broken tiles in a bathroom. The project was funded by a Home Depot Foundation grant.

101. Martin Ave – Dec 4. FWC replaced the termite/water damaged sub-floor and flooring in a bedroom. The materials for this project were donated so there was no cost to FWC.

102. Brinson La – Dec 5. FWC hired an electrician to repair defective outlets and a HVAC contractor to replace the defective air handler. Total cost was $2,100.
103. Vellines Ave- Dec 6. FWC put extra support under a soft spot in the floor. They also repaired some mortar in the brick siding of the home. Materials were on hand from other projects. Cost-$0
104. Pocaty Rd – Dec 9. FWC repaired some floor joists and a termite damaged wall. This was a community project with Onisimus Ministries who paid for the materials. No cost to FWC.
105. Garrison Pl – Dec 9. Two toilets were repaired at a cost of $17.
106. Sagamore Ct – Dec 11. The home needed a short ramp which was built by FWC for $330.
107. Scarborough Way – Dec 9. Reliable Works repaired roof leaks at no cost. FWC volunteers installed a proper GFI on the backyard outlet to avoid future tripping. Costs were $20.

108. Glyndon Dr – Dec 13. The homeowner complained of electrical outages throughout the house. An electrical contractor was hired. He replaced several burned wires in the meter base. Cost was $220.

109. Seaboard Ave- Dec 13. FWC repaired downspouts replaced two rotted windows. Cost – $270.
110. Tomahawk Trl (MHP) – Dec 16 This mobile home had a roof leak, some ceiling damage, and unsafe steps. FWC repaired the roof and stabilized the front and rear entry stairs. Cost -$96.
111. Linden Ct – Dec 16. A minimum wage couple in a well cared for home had an inoperative heating and AC system. A contractor was hired to replace the heat pump. Cost $1,755.
112. Magnolia St – Dec 17 -18. Nine volunteers worked two days to add a new roof and rebuild the overhead underneath the damaged, leaking part of the roof. They also rebuilt a damaged vanity and provided a plumber to repair drain problems. Cost: $1,119 and 108 man-hours on this project.
113. Windmill Dr – Dec 18. Chemotherapy has left this homeowner too weak to manage the 10 in step from the front stoop to door. Volunteers built a box step to halve the drop and installed safety railings by the front walk. The front storm door that was falling off was secured. Cost $50.
114. Harrier St – Dec 26. FWC replaced a leaking kitchen faucet. Reliable Works replaced the chimney cap. All material and labor was donated; no cost to FWC.
115. South Plaza Trl – Dec 30. Phase II. An electrical contractor checked the panel for circuit outages and wire integrity. He also corrected three dangerous splices in the attic and installed approved junction boxes. Cost to FWC was $325.

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