Faith Works Coalition – 2012 Summary of Projects

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1. Cathedral Dr. –  Jan 5/6, 2012:  FWC was assisted by a local roofing contractor from Wave Church who donated the labor to completely re-roof this two story townhouse.   FWC cost of materials- $2,000.


2. Longwood Rd. – Jan 9, 2012:  A roofing contractor made repairs to this aging roof.  Vent collars were installed; 4 pieces of rotted chimney trim were replaced; new shingles were installed. Total $-340.


3. Red Head Ct. – Jan 10, 2012:  FWC repaired several deteriorated parts of the floor, and replaced vinyl floors throughout  this mobile home.  Four  windows were replaced, one repaired.  Total – $2,505. 


4. Princess Anne Rd. –  Jan 11, 2012:  FWC repaired and refurbished a tub and shower that had deteriorated to an unusable state.  This required repair to one of the bathroom walls and installation of a new tub drain.  The family provided lunch, the local church contributed $200 to the total cost of $260.


5. Landola Ave. – Jan 18, 2012:  This project began in November 2011 when an elderly lady complained that her trailer roof was leaking in several places.  A contractor was engaged to install a new roof system.  After these were completed, FWC volunteers rebuilt damaged ceilings throughout.  The home is now warm, safe and dry.  Cost to FWC was $3,000. 


6. Berkley Ave. – Jan 21, 2012:  FWC volunteers repaired a 4×6 section of the kitchen floor that was badly deteriorated due to water and termite damage.  Several faulty water pipes were replaced, and portions of a leaky roof were repaired.  Total cost of the project was $240


7. Bainbridge Blvd. – Jan 21, 2012:  FWC volunteers repaired a sizable portion of a bedroom floor as well as a supporting joist.  When the floor repair was complete, a vinyl covering was installed. Cost-$459.


8. Gilbert Dr. – Jan 27, 2012:  FWC volunteers returned a bathroom to full operation by clearing a plugged drain and replacing a broken faucet.  Water leaks in both bathrooms were fixed, and repairs were made to the vinyl flooring.  A faulty garbage disposal in the kitchen was replaced, and a hallway defective smoke alarm was also replaced.  Cost to FWC was less than $250.


9. Taldon Ave., Jan 24, 2012.  In this two phased project, FWC repaired several water leaks in an upstairs bathroom, and installed vinyl flooring.  In the downstairs bath; they rebuilt the walls and ceiling which had extensive water damage, and installed a new vanity sink and commode.  Total cost- $350. 


10. Spartin Dr. – Jan 25, 2012:  An FWC contractor installed two new 20A circuits and outlets for window A/C and electric heat units and a new circuit and outlet for a 30″ free-standing kitchen range.  Volunteers rebuilt two window A/C frames; repaired and carpeted hallway floor; installed a smoke detector and replaced missing/ damaged switches and outlet cover plates.  Total cost was less than $800.

11. N. Palmyra Dr. – Feb 4, 2012:  The homeowner had a leak in the upstairs vanity plumbing line causing damage to the kitchen ceiling below.  FWC cut open the kitchen ceiling, repaired the leak , then the ceiling.  They also replaced a defective cut-off valve on the water heater.  Total cost – $110.


12. Gadwall Pl. – Feb 8, 2012:  The homeowner was cited by the Code Enforcement Section of the

Virginia Beach Dept. of Housing and Neighborhood Preservation for unsightly deteriorated house trim.  FWC  scraped and painted the trim which lifted the citation.  FWC cost was less than $30.


13. Geranium Cres – Feb 10/11, 2012:  Both bathrooms in this home had serious floor issues due to

prolonged plumbing leaks. FWC repaired the plumbing leaks, rebuilt both floors, installed new vinyl covering, and restored the bathrooms. The family provided lunch to volunteers. Cost – $700            


14. Willow Ave – Feb 15-18, 2012:  FWC replaced 8 windows and a kitchen counter top.  They also replaced rotted fascia boards and installed vinyl soffit.  Total cost of the project was $1,479.


15. Hearthside Ct – Feb 18, 2012:   FWC engaged the services of a roofing contractor to fix several roof leaks, and repair water damaged ceiling sheetrock.  Total cost of the project was $65.


16. Stoney Creek Arch – Feb 20/21, 2012:  FWC removed old stick-down tile and replaced it with vinyl floor covering in the bathroom, and repaired a deteriorated portion of the ceiling. Total Cost $78


17. Grey Friars Chase – Feb 22, 2012:  FWC volunteers installed a new garbage disposal, replaced two broken window frames and repaired a deteriorated window sill.  Total cost was $152.


18. Britt Terrace – Feb 26, 2012:  The homeowner reported that her toilet and washing machine discharge line had backed up. Our contractor cleared the line. Total cost to FWC was $225.


19. Rockwood Dr. – Mar 17-19:  FWC volunteers rebuilt floors in the bedroom and hallway, and installed new subflooring and vinyl.    Several deteriorated parts of the floor in the living room, bathroom  and kitchen were repaired and covered with vinyl.  Cost of the project was $1,228.


20. Flag Rd- Mar 20, 2012:  FWC removed a bath tub that was installed incorrectly.  They prepared the space by laying a bed of concrete to support the tub and tiling the walls.  They reset the tub and installed a new water heater.  Total cost was $272.


21. South Military Hwy. – Feb / Mar, 2012:  FWC volunteers replaced numerous subfloor panels that were badly deteriorated.  OSB was installed in two bedrooms and the bathroom, then the flooring was covered with vinyl and new carpet.  The bath tub was removed and replaced with a new shower stall and head.   A 220 volt circuit was installed in the kitchen which allowed for use of the electric range.  A peep hole was installed in the front door for security.  Total cost of the project was $1,046.


22. Grand Lake Cres – Feb/March, 2012:  This family experienced major finance issues due to loss of Job and medical emergencies.  FWC volunteers repaired several plumbing leaks.  A contractor was hired to install a new heating and air conditioning system to replace a badly deteriorated system, and a window contractor to replace two leaking windows.  Total cost was $5,700.


23. Smoke Tree Ln – Mar 28, 2012:  FWC Volunteers completed a host of repairs to this neglected home.  They repaired a door bell, repaired and painted rear soffits, painted rear door brick molding, repaired a bathroom ceiling and caulked the bathroom vanity and tub.  Total cost was less than $60.


24. Cobblestone Dr – Mar 30, 2012:  A FWC contractor was hired to replace a badly deteriorated sliding glass door.  The door was replaced with a new vinyl door along with new flashing and exterior trim.  Interior trim connected to the door was replaced as well.  Cost of the project was $1,070.


25. Gadwall Pl – Apr 13, 2012:  The homeowner was cited by the housing department for badly

deteriorated siding.  FWC volunteers repaired and painted the deteriorated siding.  The citation was canceled.  Cost was less than $150.


26. North Palmyra Dr- Apr 14, 2012:  A disabled woman was receiving costly water bills due to leaks  from old toilets.  She saved up enough money to buy new toilets but could not afford to hire a plumber

to install. A team  from FWC removed and hauled away the three old toilets, and installed three new low water consumption toilets. There was no cost to FWC.


27. Campostella Rd- Apr 16, 2012:  FWC volunteers repaired a bathroom subfloor and installed new vinyl floor covering.  The tub stall was repaired with a new vinyl wall.  Rusted washer hoses and shut-

off valves were replaced and  exterior porch railings were refurbished.  Total cost was $287.


28. Good Hope Rd – Apr 17, 2012:  FWC replaced a broken kitchen light fixture, and leaky bathroom tub faucets.  The old tub caulking was removed and replaced with new tub and tile caulk.  Total Cost -$36.


29. Marion Dr – Apr 17, 2012:  Volunteers replaced a rusted shower stall with a vinyl insert and new faucet valves.  An existing wheelchair ramp was refurbished & the storm door fitted with a security lock. Cost- $477.


30. Amboy Ct – Apr 24, 2012:  FWC preferred contractor removed and replaced a three- tab shingle roof.  He removed two roof layers, collar flashing and three deteriorated roof panels. Total cost $2,300.


31. S. Military Hwy (MHP)- May 12, 2012:  A contractor was hired to put a new roof on a mobile home damaged by a falling tree. FWC repaired the ceiling in the living room and kitchen. Total cost $3,570.


32. Corliss Ave-May 27, 2012:  Our  contractor removed an old oil furnace and installed a new HVAC system.  Old ducts were replaced, electrical hook-up was upgraded. Cost was $7,200.


33. Gadwall Place – May 29, 2012:  The kitchen ceiling was damaged by an upstairs leaking bathtub drain.  The leak had been repaired by others but the ceiling wasn’t repaired.  Two FWC volunteers cut out the damaged area and installed new drywall.  The cost was under $15.


34. Woodshire Way, May 29, 2012.  FWC engaged the services of a roofing contractor to investigate the condition of the roof, seal vents and chimney cap, and replace broken shingles.  This in addition to plumbing repairs brought the total cost to $500.


35.  Cleona Dr. – Jun 6, 2012:  FWC repaired the bathroom floor and installed new vinyl.  They repaired the HVAC system to work in the AC mode. They also trimmed many overgrown trees and bushes throughout the property.  A contractor was engaged to install a new roof.  Total cost- $2,043.


36. Perkins Ct – Jun 7, 2012: FWC volunteers installed a garage door opener for this elderly person.  They also replaced a deteriorated attic access panel, and installed weather stripping around the front door.  A contractor was engaged to repair portions of the roof.  Total cost of the project was $280.


37.  Biltmore Dr- Jun 14, 2012.  Working with members of the Catholic Heart Work Camp (CHWC), FWC helped install a parquet floor in the master bedroom and closet of this home owned by a mother with a disabled child, this returned the bedroom to full access.  All costs were paid by the CHWC.


38.  Walton Rd. – Jun 16, 2012:  FWC engaged the services of a contractor to repair the HVAC system

in the heating mode.  Volunteers installed new front door and a storm door.  An area  of worn carpet

was replaced  with a vinyl covering and a broken window repaired.   Cost was $1,555


39. Virginia Beach Blvd. (MHP)-Jun 20, 2012:  Phase one of a two phased project to repair a badly

deteriorated trailer.  Volunteers made roof and ceiling repairs, installed a water heater and new water lines, painted three rooms, replaced a faulty window A/C unit and a ceiling in a bedroom, and rebuilt the bathroom adding new fixtures. Our plumbing contractor repaired a broken sewer main and our electrical contractor repaired two faulty circuits.  Phase 1 cost- $2,000.


40.  Beechwood Rd. –  Jun 25, 2012:  FWC volunteers repaired a leak in the roof; replaced three rotten

windows; and, repaired a deteriorated kitchen floor with new subflooring and vinyl covering.  The rear

 door was replaced, and new trim was installed around the front door.  Total cost was $1,296.


41.  Stell Ln.-Jun 27, 2012:  FWC built a wheel chair ramp in front.  They installed grab bars in the shower and repaired a storm door.  Total cost- $979.


42. S. Military Hwy. (MHP) – Jun 27, 2012:  FWC repaired badly deteriorated kitchen and living room floors.  Vinyl was installed in the kitchen and a new rug was placed over the living room floor.  The floor beneath the bathroom tub was repaired, and a rotted front door replaced with a new storm door.  Total cost was $939.


43. Maplehurst Dr. – Jun 27, 2012: The homeowner was cited for a deteriorated fascia board and rotted eaves.  FWC hired a contractor to replace the fascia boards and repair the eaves.  Total-$300.


44. Woodshire Way – Jun 28, 2012:  FWC fixed a broken tub faucet, and hired a roofing contractor to replace several missing shingles. Total cost was $200.


45. Genesee Way – Jul 24, 2012:  A contractor was hired to perform a multitude of tasks which included installation of vent collars, installation of weather stripping around all exterior doors, removing dirt and debris from all gutters, and replacing the cold air return dust filters. Total cost- $120.


46. Great Meadows Ct. – Jul 24/25, 2012: (Summer Youth Project).  A group of Presbyterian youth from Vermont spent two days clearing a badly overgrown yard. They trimmed shrubs, cut down bamboo, mowed grass, removed weeds and other wild growth. They replaced several sections of rotten fencing, scraped and painted the garage door and front fascia boards and re-hung fallen gutters.  A roofer repaired a section of the roof. Total cost -$1,100


47.  Derby Run (MHP) – Jul 27, 2012: This lovely young lady has lived in a wheel chair her entire life, yet is still a happy person. FWC has made repairs to her mobile home in the past. On this project, FWC volunteers removed and replaced badly deteriorated kitchen base cabinets and counter top. They installed new cabinets, counter top, sink, and faucet. Our HVAC contractor installed a new system, and an appliance firm made repairs to the washing machine. Costs were about $6,000.


48.  Rutherford Dr. – Jul 31, 2012:  (Summer Youth Project)  A Presbyterian youth group from Darnestown, MD, worked two days and accomplished two worthwhile projects.  They built hand rails on a dangerous deck and applied a fresh coat of paint.  The cost was $200.


49.  Benjamin Pl. – Jul 31, 2012:  (Summer Youth Project).  The Presbyterian youth group applied their efforts to cut, prune, trim and rake a severely and extensively overgrown yard. This is the most overgrown and neglected yard anyone had ever seen. Costs to FWC were approximately $300.00


50.  Aspen Dr. – Aug 10, 2012:  A volunteer replaced a defective electrical outlet, and repaired a leaky pipe under the kitchen sink for a senior citizen living alone.  He performed an inspection of the roof from the attic side and found no evidence of water leaks.  There was no cost to FWC.


51. Gale Ave- Aug 12, 2012: FWC removed an old chimney to below the roof surface then repaired the

roof and applied shingles.  There was no cost to FWC.


52. N Palmyra Dr-Aug 13, 2012:  FWC repaired several kitchen faucet leaks and replaced                                                                                          

deteriorated water supply pipes.  Homeowner paid for all materials.


53. Sagamore Ct- Aug 14, 2012:   FWC built an 8 ft. wheelchair ramp from the door to the parking area, and installed posts and hand rails.  They installed grab bars and replaced a tub drain plug. Total – $186


54. Holland Dr (MHP) – Aug 24, 2012: FWC installed an oversized wheelchair ramp.  The front door threshold was five ft high which required a long run to accommodate slant requirements. Cost-$1,750.


55. Dam Neck Rd. – Sept 5-8, 2012:  FWC volunteers rebuilt a 300 sq. ft. deck which required new girders, joists and deck boards.  They also rebuilt a set of steps for the rear door, replaced a window, installed a new ceiling fan, replaced a shower valve in the master bath, and replaced a section of damaged soffit. Cost-$1,072.


56. Deep Creek Blvd. (MHP), Sept 8, 2012: FWC sealed the roof of this mobile home.  Costs $159.


57. 913 Va. Beach Blvd. (MHP) – Sept 14, 2012:   FWC and city volunteers from Virginia Beach Day of Caring completed Phase Two of this project. They made more roof repairs, installed carpeting in the living room and hallway areas, installed light fixtures in the living/dining/kitchen areas, installed a pantry closet, built a cabinet and storage area around the water heater, and closed in the area where a new toilet juts into the adjoining bedroom. They also replaced missing molding and applied new caulk in the bathroom. Total cost – $390.


58. S Military Highway (MHP)- Sept 29, 2012:  FWC sealed the roof, and replaced the front door, added a peephole. The ceiling was repaired; hand railings were added on the rear steps. Costs: $644.


59.  West Neck Road – Sept 14, 2012:  FWC delivered a donated window A/C unit and a professional pump technician replaced the well pump. We referred the homeowner to a reliable loan officer who could help him use the equity in his home for major repairs that are beyond the scope of FWC. Cost was $285


60. Old Va. Beach Blvd. – Sept 30, 2012: Fourteen volunteers from Ohef Sholom Men’s Club built four above ground garden boxes, then filled them with mulch in preparation for planting by residents of Transition House. The group also provided lunch and  the cost of materials


61.  Meckley Ct.- Oct 10, 2012: FWC installed new flow regulators and flapper valves in three toilets. They replaced a corroded kitchen sink faucet and spray assembly. The homeowner’s grandson agreed to fix deteriorated garage doors with FWC procured spackle and paint. Total cost $150.



 62. Magnolia St. – Oct 22, 2012: FWC volunteers repaired plumbing leaks under the kitchen sink and in both bathrooms. In addition, they replaced defective light switch & sockets damaged by leaky roof, caulked and patched around the shower and performed other minor repairs. Total cost was $53.


63. S Military Hwy (MHP)- Oct 6, 2012: FWC volunteers replaced a window. Total cost was $81.


64. Sagamore Ct – Nov 14, 2012: Disabled single mother raising a wheelchair-bound son. Rear patio door was inoperative, leaving only one egress in the event of a fire or other emergency situation. FWC volunteers removed the defective door and installed a new one. Total cost was $392.00


65. Fairfax Drive – Nov 16, 2012: This family has a modest income and facing severe health issues. Rain had damaged interior walls and ceilings; other deferred repairs included electrical and plumbing as well as a rodent infestation. Working with the family’s church, in a multi-phased project, FWC hired

a roofer, electrician and rodent exterminator. Volunteers then made repairs to the ceilings and walls and corrected some plumbing issues. Total cost was $1,615.


66.Scarborough Way-Nov 23, 2012: This low income homeowner’s heating system was beyond repair. Our dedicated HVAC contractor installed a replacement heat pump, using good recycled equipment and donating most of his labor. Costs were $1,500.


67. Holland Drive- Nov29/30 2012: A low income, partially disabled home owner had badly deteriorated flooring in two bedrooms. FWC volunteers rebuilt the flooring in both rooms and installed new carpet. They also coated the mobile home roof with sealant. Total costs were $770


68. Stoney Creek Arch-Nov 10/17, 2012: Replaced the flooring in the hallway that had buckled from water damage. The client had extra flooring that was  used for the repairs. Total cost to FWC $10.


69.  Alder Circle-Nov 26, 2012: This client had minor roof leaks. Our roofer made repairs. Total- $300.


70. S. Military Highway (MHP) Nov 2012: FWC rebuilt the shower after removing some mold. We installed a new tub/shower, hung new sheet rock and replaced the bathroom window. Volunteers also installed a new set of steps by the back door.  Total cost to FWC was $1033


71. Jonas Street (MHP) Dec 6/7 2012: The 67 year old homeowner’s mobile home suffered from water damage due to roof leaks. FWC volunteers sealed the leaks, repaired the living room ceiling and floor and replaced the carpet. They also replaced the bathroom vanity and sink and repaired the toilet.  The kitchen sink, a countertop and a cabinet were also replaced. A donated used refrigerator was obtained and installed. Cost to FWC was $865.


72. Myrtle Ave-Nov 10/17th: FWC built a handicap ramp for this home. The homeowner paid for the materials.square logo

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